Shelter Me is an uplifting film series that celebrates shelters pets and the people who help them. We believe that change comes from inspiration, not desperation.

We tell hopeful stories such as war veterans with PTSD that begin healing after being paired up with shelter dogs; inmates that learn new skills by training shelter dogs to become service animals; shelter dogs that become police K9s; stories about cat and rabbit adoptions; and the incredible work country music icon Emmylou Harris is doing to help homeless pets and at-risk youth in Nashville.

The films have been hosted by Jon Hamm, Kristen Bell, Edie Falco, Allison Janney, Jane Lynch and Katherine Heigl.

The new episode, "Shelter Me: Community Matters," is airing on PBS. It's hosted by Dr. Jane Goodall and features shelter dogs that are trained to protect elephants in Africa.

Please visit your local animal shelter to learn all the ways you can get involved to help more pets get loving homes. Shelter Me is presented by the Petco Foundation and produced by Steven Latham Productions.

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