59 Dogs Will Be Warmer This Winter, Thanks To One Wonderful Woman

Joan Malcolm, with nimble hands and a happy heart

Extreme temperatures, be they hot or cold, can be devastating to shelter pets when the facility has no a/c in the summer or no heat in the winter, no matter where in the world that shelter is located.


Joan Malcolm, a U.K. resident, keeps her hands busy and her heart full, knitting winter coats for 1 Dog At A Time Rescue UK, whose mission is to ease the lives of Romanian street dogs.


And this 94-year-old woman’s unending efforts are tremendous – just check out the latest stack of 59 sweaters that she knitted!


59 marvelous hand-knitted sweaters
59 marvelous hand-knitted sweaters

The sweaters were transported to the troubled area by friends of the Rescue, along with many other donations from a number of other like-minded individuals and charities.

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Another Joan Malcolm project in the works!
Another Joan Malcolm project in the works!

Sally Jordan, Joan’s daughter, tells ShelterMe.tv that her mom, born in Northampton in 1921, learned the basics of knitting from her own mom at the age of 12, and there’s been no stopping her since!  Says Ms. Jordan,

“She knitted jackets, jumpers and trousers during the ‘swinging ’60’s, and persuaded me to start knitting sweaters, too, but puts me to shame.   For every one I knit, she knits four!”

Sally tells Shelter Me that Ms. Malcolm is happiest when she’s knitting! Here’s a link to the pattern she uses, if you’re so inclined….



In a country where there is no spay or neuter effort, 1 Dog is faced with a daunting task every day.  Entire canine families are abandoned in the forest to starve; there is no medical care in the public shelters. Few dogs survive to adulthood.


Pallets of donations to 1 Dog At A Time Rescue UK
Pallets of donations to 1 Dog At A Time Rescue UK

But, like Ms. Malcom, they refuse to let the situation overwhelm them. They strive to make a difference however they can, which includes seeking homes in the U.K. for the animals they save and rehabilitate.  They are lead in this effort by a wonderful group named WYAIN, West Yorkshire Animals In Need.  WYAIN has aided thousands of animals like little Momo, pictured below, a teeny one-month-old puppy, found on the street, abandoned and severely injured.


Little Momo is on the mend but still not out of the woods.
Little Momo is on the mend but still not out of the woods.


Momo was recently rescued by a kind Romanian resident, who, with the help of the angels at WYAIN and their medical team, now has the chance for a wonderful new life.


Click here for the webpage for 1 Dog At A Time Rescue UK, click here for information on WYAIN, and please click here to follow Momo’s progress.


As posted on 1 Dog’s FB page, “When good people come together amazing things happen.”  We couldn’t have said it better.

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Lisa Blanck

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  1. Cynthia Nouhan says:

    How beautiful and kind this women is. It’s so nice to know people like her exist and our little friends have warriors looking out for them. God bless her!!

  2. Roxy says:

    What a fantastic lady!!
    I love 1 dog charity. I’ve been supporting them for almost a year now and donate whenever I can. I also sponsor a kennel and there are options to Sponsor dogs while they wait for their forever homes. This charity has such a good community who keep in contact with updates on dogs who are in foster and dogs who have been adopted. If you can help please get involved xx

  3. Jill Clark says:

    Good for her! So sweet to reach out with her talents.

  4. Helen Trimble says:

    Love it! What a beautiful soul!

  5. mongibello says:

    Fantastic lady. So grateful. Thanks to all those helping dogs in Romania.

  6. Mongoose218 says:

    Really a kind woman, and I’m sure the dogs appreciate it.

    I wish Eastern European dogs were even remotely treated like they are in the West……. ;–(

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