A Chef Is Cooking Gourmet Thanksgiving Meals For An Animal Shelter’s Dogs And Cats

Photo credit: eddiemcfish/Flickr

Thanksgiving dinner will be a fancy and fun affair, at the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter.

Cats will be served a first course of goat milk soup, followed by a dish called “le chats paradis,” consisting of rabbit and salmon. Dessert is a special catnip cake.

Photo credit: Malik Von Saint‎
Photo credit: Malik Von Saint‎

The shelter’s dogs will begin their meal with a charcuterie plate. After that they will enjoy what is described as a “melange” of turkey, sweet potatoes, jasmine rice, and edamame, topped by a single blade of grass. Dessert is homemade dog ice cream.

Photo credit: Malik Von Saint
Photo credit: Malik Von Saint

This feast — made with food donated by local businesses — will take place on November 23, and is open to the public. There’s going to be music and decorations, on top of the great food for the animals.

Photo credit: Thanksgiving At City of Buffalo Animal Shelter
Photo credit: Thanksgiving At City of Buffalo Animal Shelter

It’s the creation of local chef Malik Von Saint, with the assistance of a couple other area culinary masters. Von Saint tells Shelter Me he expects to be cooking for 66 cats, and 62 dogs.

Photo credit: Malik Von Saint
Photo credit: Malik Von Saint

Kerry Neaf, president of the Friends of the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter, says she’s excited to be able to share this joyous time at the shelter with the community.

Not just because it’s gratifying to see the pets eating so well, thanks to Chef Malik. But also because it gives the shelter a chance to show off its animals to a new crowd.

“We’re hoping people who wouldn’t usually come in will stop in for the cuteness factor of cats eating soup and dogs with ice cream,” she says. “The reason something like this meal is so great is because it brings attention to the shelter animals.”

Indeed, beyond just the pleasure in making soup for cats, and ice cream for dogs, Von Saint shares that aim.

“My goal is to get every furry baby a home,” he says. “And I will do it.”

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To be part of this incredible event, stop by the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter on November 23 between 4 and 7 pm. Or if you’re not in the area but want to help out, send the shelter something off their Amazon wish list.

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