A Foster Child And A Dog, Unconditional Love At Its Finest

An adorable little boy, and his incredibly cute canine friend, have taken social media by storm. The little boy is in foster care in Oregon and he has a special bond with his foster grandma’s dog, “Reagan,” an Australian Labradoodle.

Reagan belongs to Sandi Swiridoff, who has created a wildly popular Instagram account (reagandoodle) with over 120,000 followers who are treated to some of the sweetest images imaginable.


Many of the photos on the popular Instagram account show the touching bond shared between the little boy, lovingly referred to as “Buddy,” and his Labradoodle friend. The special relationship inspired Swiridoff to create a picture book – proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to Foster Parents Night Out, a non-profit agency that works hand-in-hand with foster families.

Swiridoff told the Daily Mail, “Their story is one of a strong bond and a sweet friendship, and includes a few surprises.’She added: ‘I am so excited for this book to come out.” She told NBC News that the story of Reagan and Buddy is one that “needs to be told,” to show the good that they have been able to do for each other.


Reagan and Buddy’s relationship is the perfect example of unconditional love, and a glowing testament to the joy that a canine/human friendship can provide.

Interested in one of the Reagandoodle books? They will be available soon! Click here to learn more.

Find the reagandoodle Instagram account here.

(Photos Sandi Swiridoff via Instagram/Reagandoodle)





Penny Eims

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