A Parade Of Pitties In Pajamas – Cuteness Overload Alert!

We all know that pit bulls get a bad rap that they simply do not deserve.  And the Pittie Party of Central Florida is determined to get people to wake up to the fact that pitties make amazing pets.  So, for the second year in a row, they are hosting an event called ‘Pit Bulls In Pajamas,’ guaranteed to make your heart melt.


Courtesy, The Pittie Party Of Central Florida – Pit Bulls In Pajamas

The event takes place on Saturday, December 30, 2017 in downtown Orlando, and is part of the city’s annual Citrus Parade.  Beginning at 10:25AM, participants will assemble  and then begin their march from 400 South Orange Avenue along the parade route.  You and your pups will strut their stuff in front of a huge crowd.  Ticket prices to participate vary; the more pitties in your pack, the better the deal is per dog.


Just look at these adorable photos and tell me how you can resist….

Courtesy, The Pittie Party of Central Florida

Courtesy, The Pittie Party of Central Florida









Organizer Sarah Schmidt asks that you make sure your pup is well-behaved in a crowded situation, and is cool with loud noises.   There will be children yelling, whistles, bands, and, of course, applause!

Peanut – Courtesy, The Pittie Party of Central Florida

If you don’t have a pair of pajamas, or even a terrific tutu like Peanut’s for your cutie patootie, you can contact the event organizer, who has patterns available here.

However, at this late date, we’re not sure if you’ll receive your jammies in time for the parade, so please contact thepittiepartyofcf@gmail.com for details.  Of course, you can always purchase some PJ’s for your pups on their site and just share their snuggly mugs with your family and friends.

Branch, ready for the parade! Courtesy, Rachael Wolfe, The Pittie Party Of Central Florida

The goal of the event is to raise awareness of the breed and increase adoptions from local shelters.  And dispelling the negative rumors about pitties is  Schmidt’s mission.

Sarah tells ShelterMe.tv that she herself was wary of pit bulls almost a decade ago, when she went to the shelter to adopt a companion for her dog.  Her misgivings crumbled after taking one look at Peanut, a timid little pittie girl, too afraid to come to the kennel door –

Upon sniffing me out to make sure I was safe, she began to show the cutest little personality. She acted like a little clown with her funny pounces and big smile.”

Sarah’s interactions with Peanut and other pittie owners propelled her mission.  She began to  “dream up ways that education could be spread through fun events in the community.”  And her rescue, “The Pittie Party” was born.

Proceeds from the event will be used for the rescuing and healthcare of dogs in need in the Central Florida community.  This includes canine victims of Hurricane Irma.  Check out this video from last year, the inaugural, and very successful, Pit Bulls In Pajamas event.  Pitties and their owners came from all over Central Florida to march, with some humans ramping up the fun by wearing pj’s to match their pups!

Courtesy, The PIttie Party Of Central Florida – Pit Bulls In Pajamas

Tickets will be available for purchase until December 29, but the event organizers ask that you purchase tickets ASAP, so they can get an accurate headcount.  For more information on the event, please click here.

You can learn more about The Pittie Party on this link.  And if you love stories about dogs and animals,   subscribe to ShelterMe.tv for more great tales!


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