A Second Chance – 63 Dogs Rescued From Hoarder’s Home

A second chance has been given to 63 dogs who were living in horrible conditions at the home of hoarders in Kansas. The dogs had been living in darkness, and filth, inside of a house in the city of Norton. According to KKTV News, local authorities worked hand-in-hand with rescuers from The National Mill Dog Rescue to remove the dogs from harm’s way.

Theresa Strader, the founder and executive director of the non-profit agency, described the conditions the dogs were found in:

“Yesterday these dogs were in utter darkness. Many of them in the basement. We found some of them in cupboards; they were trying to hide them.”

On KAKE News, Strader outlined the depth of the horror inside of the house:

“The dogs had resorted to cannibalism. It was really, really difficult to witness. This was a true, classic, hoarding situation. I mean, honestly, I have never seen anything like it.”

The harsh conditions at the hoarder’s home are just a memory – today, the dogs are enjoying soft bedding and full stomachs, something they previously were unable to experience.

Approximately 20 of the rescued dogs are going to be cared for by the Dumb Friends League in Denver and 30 dogs will eventually go to rescue agencies in Phoenix and San Diego. Ultimately, the dozens of dogs who were rescued from the sad situation will be adopted out to new families, but all of their medical issues need to be addressed first.

No arrests have been made in the case – an investigation into the situation is ongoing.

National Mill Dog Rescue on Facebook here.

Find the National Mill Dog Rescue website here.

(Screenshots via KKTV News)



Penny Eims

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