A Second Chance For Emaciated Dog Found In New Jersey

An emaciated dog who was discovered less than one week ago at the site of an abandoned factory near Trenton, New Jersey, is receiving a second chance at life. The pit bull, dubbed “Rue,” was found on Duck Island on August 24. On August 25, the Trenton Animal Shelter issued a special request to its Facebook followers about the skeletal dog:

Need help locating the owner of this dog who was found near death on Lamberton Rd on Duck Island in Trenton where she was DUMPED to die. She’s approximately 2 years old and is only 23 pounds.. half of what her weight should be. I brought her directly to CARES in Langhorne, PA where she is being cared for completely at their expense.

Officer Joe Antonello, of Trenton Humane Law Enforcement and Animal Service, told CBS Philadelphia that Rue was near death by the time that she was discovered – he stated, “No question, if I had found her an hour later, she would have died. This type of crime is considered an indictable offense under NJ State Law.”


Rue is being nurtured back to health at the Center for Animal Referral and Emergency Services (CARES). Staff at the veterinary center discovered that Rue had been eating anything that she could in an effort to survive – plastic was found in her gums, and a screw that she had ingested was discovered in her stomach.


The dog who was so painfully neglected has managed to maintain a sweet demeanor, despite her pitiful state of health. In fact, staff at CARES has fallen in love with her.

For the first time, perhaps ever, Rue’s future is bright. In fact, when she is healthy enough, she has a loving home waiting for her – one of the nurses at CARES immediately fell in love and she has decided to adopt Rue.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to reach out to the Trenton Humane Law Enforcement and Animal Services at 609-989-3254.

Follow Rue’s Road to Recovery on Facebook at this link. Find the Center for Animal Referral and Emergency Services at this link.

(Photos via CARES/Facebook)




Penny Eims

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