Abandoned Dog Too Weak to Walk Gets Christmas Miracle

A large, emaciated dog lay in the sand of a playground in a park for over a week, dying slowly. The fact that he is now getting medical care, and that he has a rescue to make sure he never suffers another day in his life, that he has people who love him, is truly a miracle.

Someone left their sick dog at a park, and he lay there for over a week. When a caring couple noticed him, they gave him food and posted his story on social media. And the volunteers who help dogs in that area immediately went to see what they could do. They found a dog too weak to walk, too weak to even stand.

While there were around 50 people at the park when volunteers arrived, no one helped the abandoned dog, who has since been named Cayden. He was so weak, Kayla Harris and Katie Jordan, the two rescuers who went to get him, had to pick him up and carry him to their car.


Cayden had been severely neglected for a very long time. And during that week he spent lying in the sand in Palmland Park with people passing by daily, no one bothered to call the county shelter to get him to safety. By the time the couple finally took the action that saved Cayden’s life, maybe hundreds of people had passed him by without lifting a finger.


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Cayden is suffering from lack of food and severe anemia from the thousands of fleas that covered his body. He also has demodex mange. But he is getting food, medical treatment, and love. He is still confused, and unused to getting bathed, treated gently, and being fed delicious food.

There were many involved in the saving of this life. Redland Rock Pit Abandoned Dog Project, Inc. 501c3 were the first responders for this dog in desperate need, but others quickly stepped up to help. Pets Broward immediately offered to pay for medical treatment for Cayden, and the Knowles Animal Clinic offered to give him the best treatment possible. Cayden is described as a gentle giant, and rescuers think he was definitely abused. A rescuer told Shelter Me, “Every time that I would try to pet him, he would look at me and put his head down. As though he was waiting to be hit…”

NAIA (No Animal In Anguish Pet Rescue) is the rescue that has offered to take Cayden. They will make sure he is healthy and loved, and they will find him a home where he will receive all the love he has been denied thus far. Students from Felix Varely Senior High School and their teacher, Yleana Escobar, brought Cayden a meal. He is lying on soft blankets and sleeping safely for perhaps the first time in his life, thanks to all those who joined together to save him.
Donations for Cayden’s care can be made to the Knowles Animal Clinic directly at (305) 279- 2323. Cayden’s Facebook thread can be found here.
It’s that time of year — the time for generous gift-giving. If you have any extra to share, these groups that tirelessly help abandoned, helpless animals like Cayden deserve your help. Visit their Facebook pages for donation information.
Happy holidays to all. Especially to Cayden.

Pamela Kramer

​Animal lover and rescuer. Lives with 4 cats, 4 dogs, 1 bird, 2 frogs and usually one foster animal (and very understanding husband). Reviews books (especially about animals) and educates children about compassion toward animals. Former household animals include rabbits, rats, and other assorted creatures. Also writes at pamelakramer.com


  1. Mary says:

    I can’t imagine those passing him by in the sand. Not to mention during this season of giving and caring thanking God for those angels helping him. Praying for him to get well and find real love in an awesome forever home.

  2. Mary says:

    I can’t imagine those passing him by in the sand. Not to mention during this season of giving and caring thanking God for those angels helping him. Praying for him to get well and find real love in an awesome forever home.

  3. MaryAnn Kerns says:

    OMG it never ends. My heart breaks for this poor baby. How can anyone be so cruel? Thank you for rescuing him. Now he will know love. Please keep us updated on his recovery

  4. Jen Reising says:

    I CAN NOT even fathom how any human being could just walk by any animal in need & suffering without doing a thing….. Just think if it was their family member (2 leg or 4 leg) suffering and NO ONE chose to help. It would have just taken a phone call. This deeply saddens me 🙁

  5. lee wesselt says:

    I cannot believe that so many were in a park over fifty people and for over a week just passing by and not lending a hand. Imagine that poor animal not knowing where to turn and just laying there for help. i will pass and share and thankyou to the vet and the couple who found him and all those [people who reached out. redland thankyou. merry christmas.

  6. JERRY EDELMAN says:

    Indeed a gentle giant who had monsters try to break him physically and psychologically. They very nearly succeeded had it not been for this caring couple and each and every individual involved in his rescue and recovery. If ever I had a Christmas wish, then it would be that Cardenas makes a full recovery and finds the best care givers imaginable, with plenty of room to romp, and the best quality life possible. The indifference of humans is mind boggling and inexcusable.

  7. Sandra says:

    This story breaks me. Everytime I hear of abusers hurting innocent animals , I just want to find the owners and have them punished for hurting a helpless animal that depends on human love to take care of them.the punishment will not escape them however. If not in this life , the time of death and we’re they go will be the ultimate payback…..i will donate to this poor dog.i have 2 rescues that are pitbulls that were abandoned also.i wish there would be stricter laws for adoption. I feel that a job should be assigned to a couple people to check on the dogs adopted out a surprise visit to see the animal .I hope and pray that this poor animal does not get into the wrong hands again … please be super careful who you allow him to go to.

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