Abused Puppy, Rescued From Trash, Now A ‘Therapist’ At Her New Home

It’s a whole new world for a neglected and abused puppy who was literally thrown away in late November. The pup, dubbed Collins, was discovered in a residential trash can in Corsicana, Texas, on November 27. It was apparent that the puppy’s life had been difficult – she was infested with fleas, hungry and her ears were badly infected after someone cruelly cut them off.

Collins has been recuperating with the Corsicana Veterinary Clinic ever since a good Samaritan transported her there for care. After the clinic utilized social media to share Collins’ story, the applications to adopt her poured in.

On January 8, big news about Collins’ bright future was announced:

“The update you have all been waiting for is finally here…
Collins’ story has been an emotional one for us. She came to us so mistreated and neglected, but from day one, she proved why dogs are so amazing. Despite her rough start, she holds no grudges, loves unconditionally, and has been a bright light to everyone that she meets. We knew this girl needed a fairy tale, and we were determined to help her find it.”

Though many outstanding adoption applications were received, the veterinary clinic knew that they found “the one” when Heritage Oaks Retirement Village applied to become the new family for sweet Collins.

The Clinic wrote:

“It is through happy tears that we announce that Collins has officially been adopted, and her new home is truly a match made in heaven. Zoom in close and read that name tag! Our sweet Collins is officially the newest “therapist” at Heritage Oaks Retirement Village ALF/ ILF in Corsicana.”

Collins new family is large. Each day she will be walking the halls, and spreading her love to all of the retirement home residents…as the Clinic stated, “giving them all an extra reason to smile each day.”

The Veterinary Clinic explained that it was their “dream” that Collins would find a home where she could give back to the community who loved her throughout her recovery. The Clinic expressed its hope that Collins will be instrumental in changing the bad perception that so many people have about pit bulls:

“Pit Bulls are an extremely misunderstood breed, and we had high hopes that Collins may help change that. Even if she changes one person’s mind about this breed, then we think she has done her job, and we are confident she is going to exceed those expectations.”

(Images via Facebook/Corsicana Veterinary Clinic and Heritage Oaks Retirement Village)

Corsicana Veterinary Clinic on Facebook here.

Heritage Oaks Retirement Village on Facebook here.

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Penny Eims

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