Advocates Ask For Help Buying Security Cameras To Find Out Who Is Killing And Dumping So Many Dogs In Dallas

Photo credit: Katrina Haynes‎

Earlier this year, a small team of dedicated animal lovers put up a memorial to the 91 dead animals they had found dumped along a stretch of road in southeast Dallas. Photos of the animals, and one white cross for each, bearing the date on which that animal’s body was found.

They wanted these animals to be remembered; they wanted for others not to be able to ignore what had happened to them.

Photo credit: Katrina Haynes‎
Photo credit: Katrina Haynes‎

In the months since, the dumpings haven’t stopped. The search parties have found on average, 11 dead animals per month, more than 135 this year, rescuer Stephanie Timko tells Shelter Me.

Some of these were found locked into crates, some in garbage bags; some wore collars, and some not. Last year, the group found a lot of huskies, this year it’s been largely German shepherds. And these animals have clearly suffered, before their deaths.

Timko and the other rescuers are now asking for help to buy surveillance cameras, so they can identify who is brutalizing these animals — mostly dogs, but also cats, goats, sheep, horses, roosters, and others — and then leaving their bodies behind.

Tragically, they also found the body of Marisol Espinosa, a 34-year-old mother. There is a memorial erected to her, too.

“It’s been a very rough summer,” says Timko.

Photo credit: Monica Rivero‎
Photo credit: Monica Rivero‎

The group has raised just over $4,000 so far, of the $9,600 they are asking for. The cameras they want to buy cost $1,200 each. The plan is to install two cameras, at each of four locations identified as being most critical.

The hope is these cameras will serve as a deterrent, and also help collect much-needed evidence that will in turn propel the city toward pursuing criminal investigations and charges of their own.

Photo credit: Katrina Haynes‎
Photo credit: Katrina Haynes‎

Dallas has an undeniable animal crisis, that came to a head when a woman was killed by a pack of street dogs in May.

A report released last week, commissioned by the city after this terrible attack, details overwhelming problems relating especially to loose dogs, as well as proposed solutions.

As detailed by the Dallas Morning News, these include reforming the city’s shelter, implementation of low cost spay/neuter programs, partnerships with private nonprofits — and even just taking better adoption photos of adoptable animals.

Timko says she is pleased to see the city paying more attention to issues relating to animals in this city. She’d like these reforms to be implemented.

But she doesn’t see how they will much improve the grim, gruesome situation that she and her fellow rescuers encounter, on their weekly searches.

“Unfortunately the report doesn’t address cruelty at all except to say that a subcommittee needs to be formed to address the problem,” Timko says. “That’s putting it mildly.”

Photo credit: Monica Rivero‎
Photo credit: Monica Rivero‎

Here’s where to contribute, to help buy the surveillance cameras.

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  1. Logan Thompson says:

    How about they use the cameras to CATCH not DETER ! Then someone could face what they did vs finding another location to dump at.

  2. DIANNA wood says:

    You know shock value will work. People have to have the horror visually for change!

  3. stephanie timko says:

    Thank you, Arin and than you ShelterMe, for your support!

  4. Pamela Quinn says:

    Where is the FBI animal cruelty task force. They should be investigating this, as well. What were they created for, if not for a horror like this ? I will be donating as soon as my paycheck arrives. I’m so heart sick at the constant cruelty everywhere. Thank heavens for the good people.

  5. Dena Gold says:

    Only a black soul would hurt a innocent dog hope they are found and meet the same fate

  6. Sara says:

    Oh my god that’s awful. If the perpetrators know there is a camera, won’t they just choose another location to dump their victims? Would it make more sense to put together a fund to hire an investigator of some kind if the police can’t handle it?

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