After Two Years, Veteran’s Lost Dog Is Finally Back Home

It’s a story two years in the making…a story of heartache,community support, hope and ultimately joy. In September 2015,  Armand Ravizza, a retired Air Force Lieutenant, lost his beloved dog, Kody. The Siberian husky had managed to slip out of a fence from his home in  Algonquin, Illinois, and disappeared.

In the months that followed, the area was flooded with lost dog flyers, drones and search dogs were utilized, and a Facebook  page (Bring Kody Home) was created. Ravizza was assisted in the massive search effort by Kerry Siversten, of Lost Dogs Illinois, who shared Kody’s owner’s hope that the missing dog would be found.

On December 1, after more than two years, friends, family and supporters of the quest to bring Kody home, learned that the missing dog had finally been found. A Facebook post on Kody’s page revealed the amazing news, made possible by the dog’s implanted microchip:

After 2 years, 2 months and 23 days, KODY IS HOME!!! He was found wandering in Rockford. We received the call after his microchip was scanned. Kody is currently spending the night at a vets office for observation. I am asking for prayers and positive thoughts for Kody. I am happy to say that Kody was able to be brought home briefly to see his sister Shadow. I will update again tomorrow. For right now, we are thankful for everyone’s support in the last 2 years.

Shortly thereafter, Kody was reunited with his owner and he quickly settled back into the life he left two years ago:

Kody has been reunited with his owner since Friday early evening and what a whirlwind it has been. I think I personally can finally get a complete sentence out without crying. Kody was reunited with his groomer Lisa, and got a much needed wash and pamper. He has been reintroduced to his top of the line raw meals, he and his sister Shadow have been loving being back together from the moment he got out of the vehicle. Kody has found his chair waiting for him exactly where it was.

Kody’s story is one of inspiration and promise of what can be done with the support of those who care. Welcome home Kody.

Find the Bring Kody Home Facebook page here.

(Images via Bring Kody Home Facebook page)

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Penny Eims

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  1. Mel says:

    Kody must have strong survival skills! Breaks my heart he was on the streets that long but encouraged by his happy ending! Just in time for his holidays! Many blessings to Kody his family!

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  3. Elaine Whinston says:

    What a wonderful happy ending! Thanks for posting!

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