After Weeks Lost On Mountain, Elderly Dog Rescued By Hikers

For nearly six weeks, an elderly dog managed to survive on a mountain in Colorado. The 14-year-old dog, named “Chloe,” disappeared around August 10 and her family, along with members of the community, had been searching for her.

After so many weeks, Chloe’s owners assumed that their senior dog was gone. Everything changed when someone hiking on Mt. Bross/Mt. Lincoln heard the cries of a dog, reported 9 News.

A post about the dog’s cries was made on the Facebook group,

The post about the dog read:

When descending Mt Lincoln today at about 3:30, I heard a DOG/PUPPY crying.

The exhausted hiker was unable to search for the source of the cries, but he did reach out to 9-1-1. Before the authorities could respond, another hiker opted to take it upon herself to conduct a rescue mission. 

On Thursday, hiker Trinity Smith set out to find the dog, but after extensive searching, approaching darkness and dangerous scrambles, Smith realized that she would need assistance.

On Friday, Smith and her boyfriend, Sean Nichols, ventured out again. The determined hikers called and called for the stranded dog and eventually, they were met with sweet success.

On Friday, Smith posted a jubilant post to the Facebook group:

We got her!!!! After hours and hours of yelling and climbing Sean Nichols & I finally brought this sweet, scared, hungry girl down to safety. The poor baby was stuck up there for over a month.

According to Smith, the senior dog was able to be reunited with her waiting family – she wrote, “Chloe’s owner’s were patiently waiting to see if this was their dog that they had been missing for 6 weeks who had ran off with another neighborhood pup. They assumed after a month of searching that their 13 year old baby was gone forever.”

Chloe was taken to a veterinary hospital for an exam and care – she dropped a tremendous amount of weight while she was gone. According to 9 News, she now weighs a mere 26 pounds (instead of her normal 85 pounds). No further updates about her condition have been released.

(Images screenshots via 9 News and via FB group/Trinity Smith)

Penny Eims

Penny is a freelance writer who provided content to her National Dog News column at for 8 years. She is a current contributor to Fido Friendly Magazine, as well as a newly formed website, Pet Rescue Report. Penny is married and she has two rescued German shepherds and two kids.


  1. Theresa Kotas says:

    Praying for Chloe. I am hoping that her weight loss did not put her into organ failure. Poor little girl didm;t know what to think up there but God sent two angels to rescue her. Bless them all! Please keep us updated on this precious fur child.

  2. Pat Bassett says:

    I have worked in alot of pet fields in my career, if one true message I could give any one who ever loved a pet, 1. dont give up hope untill you feel you are really ready. your not ceazy for posting an add every six months years later if that is how you feel. Please, please, please, tag your pet. shelters are requiered to check for micro chip info, even if you moved and just havent gotten your new tag in the mail, a micro chip notice on an 0ld tag can save your dogs life, and your loving bond.I have found lost pets eight years after the loss, six months to two years isnt all that uncommon(with old I D).

  3. Rebecca mcelwain says:

    If any updates please let us know❤️

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    This is such a wonderful story.

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