Against All Odds – Man Finds And Adopts Childhood Dog Who Parents Surrendered

Against all odds, a young man stumbled across a Facebook photo which wound up leading to an unlikely reunion with his beloved childhood dog, Chi Chi. Brandon Church had spent the majority of his 20 years with the tiny Pomeranian.

But several months ago, Church’s parents determined that they could no longer care for the senior Pomeranian after their son moved out, and she was surrendered to a rescue group in Dallas, Texas. Church commented on the loss to  WFAA News, “I mean, I was losing my dog that I had my whole life. I just kind of shoved it back, I didn’t really process it.”

But Chi Chi was brought to the forefront of Brandon’s mind when ran across her photo on Facebook. Chi Chi’s image had been posted on the Recycled Pomeranians and Schipperkes Rescue Facebook page and her face was all-too-familiar to the young man who had loved her for the majority of his life.

The rescue group recounted how Chi Chi and the young man were brought together in a post to its Facebook followers last week:

“Rescue isn’t always a happy ending, but occasionally it goes beyond any happy ending we could have ever imagined. Last fall, we took in a little senior girl we dubbed Peachy. She was said to be 16 years old and was surrendered by her “owner.”


“A couple of weeks ago when we received an inquiry from a young man who had seen her once on Facebook, but had never seen an update so was wondering if she was available for adoption.”

The rescue group found it odd that a 20-year-old man would be interested in adopting an elderly dog with kidney disease – so they did a bit of rescue sleuthing after asking Church to submit an official adoption application.

The rescue stated:

“We learned that Peachy was the young man’s childhood dog, his lifetime companion, who had been surrendered to us by his family when he left home. Realizing the great lengths that this sweet young man had gone to in order to check on and apply to adopt his own dog, it was decided unanimously to return Peachy, whose real name is Chi Chi, to her best friend, the only home she had ever known.”

The rescue agency described the reunion as “priceless,” and noted that Peachy/Chi Chi “immediately” recognized her person. The group wrote, “the love between them was undeniable. We sent Peachy, now Chi Chi again, home with a care package to help the young man continue her medications and special food”

The rescue group offered a final, heartwarming thought about Chi Chi’s amazing reunion:

“It’s the stories like this that make us all warm and fuzzy, honored that we were able to reunite this young man with his precious little dog. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all owners would go to such lengths for the unconditional love and adoration of a dog?”

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Penny Eims

Penny is a freelance writer who provided content to her National Dog News column at for 8 years. She is a current contributor to Fido Friendly Magazine, as well as a newly formed website, Pet Rescue Report. Penny is married and she has two rescued German shepherds and two kids.

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  1. Lisa Blanck says:

    very cool. Though it makes me wonder why the parents didn’t just ask him to take the dog in… people can be very weird.

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