Ailing, Abandoned Pit Bull Spent Final Months With Police Officer Who Adopted Her

An ailing pit bull, who was abandoned last Spring in Glendale, Wisconsin, was able to spend her final months with a Glendale police officer and his family. The emaciated dog, dubbed Ruthie, was found by a good Samaritan on June 9 – she was dehydrated, weak, tired and suffering from liver cancer.

After being found, Ruthie was initially taken to the Milwaukee Area Animal Control Commission (MADACC), but her time there was short because officer Aron Bechler had fallen in love with her, and decided that she needed to spend what remained of her life with his family.

Ruthie wound up having just seven months with her new family, but in that time, she was showered with love and care – most likely, for the first time in her life. In November, Ruthie’s family expressed gratitude for the pit bull’s presence in their life:

“We are so thankful to have sweet Ruthie in our lives. She now has a home filled with all of the love and treats she deserves. Some of her favorite things include chewing on bones, peanut butter, and snuggling up to us or her BIG brother Samson. We all love her so much!”

Though Ruthie was receiving “top-notch” veterinary care, her cancer could not be cured. On Tuesday, the Glendale Police Department let Ruthie’s fans know that her battle had ended:

“It is with heavy hearts that we post this, but after a brave battle with cancer, Ruthie passed away this past Wednesday. She was surrounded by her loving family, including her big brother, Samson, who took to her immediately and formed a heartwarming bond. Rest assured that between the immense amount of love and attention that she received from her family, and the amazing support she received from all of you, the past seven months of Ruthie’s life were filled with joy and happiness.”

Ruthie’s tale was decidedly heartbreaking at the time that she was first discovered, but the final chapter was ever-so-sweet. In the twilight of her life,  she was shown compassion and kindness, and finally knew that she mattered.


(Images via Glendale Police Department Facebook page)

Penny Eims

Penny is a freelance writer who provided content to her National Dog News column at for 8 years. She is a current contributor to Fido Friendly Magazine, as well as a newly formed website, Pet Rescue Report. Penny is married and she has two rescued German shepherds and two kids.


  1. TERRY FURLONG says:


  2. Bob gibbons says:

    Rip beautiful girl

  3. Jerry Edelman says:

    RIP sweet RUTHIE. You finally found the loving family you deserved your entire life. Thank g-d their are special people in the world that have the compassion and love to share that makes a difference in the life of an innocent animal. Just knowing that Ruthie did not spend her final days in a cold, uncaring shelter warms my heart. Knowing that she was surrounded by love in her final moments gives me faith in the goodness of people. Ruthie will be spreading her wings over all those who loved her and helped her experience that goodness.

  4. Dawn says:

    Bless this family who gave love and fulfillment for her last months…thank you……

  5. Kay says:

    God bless Officer Bechler and his family for showing true love and compassion to Ruthie. What a Humane heart!

  6. Sue Lesmond says:

    RIP sweet Ruthie.You are a beautiful doggy girl.Roam free at rainbow bridge.

  7. Elaine Whinston says:

    Love to all the other Ruthies and the families that love them.

    No this is not a duplicate!

  8. Elaine Whinston says:

    Love to all the other Ruthies and the families that love them.

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