Animal Control Officer Provides ‘Free Concert’ To Shelter Dogs

Dogs at a North Carolina animal shelter were recently treated to a free concert, compliments of a talented Vance County animal control officer by the name of Chad Olds. Olds walked through the kennel area with his guitar, singing Alan Jackson’s “Like Red on a Rose,”and the dogs were captivated.

So much so, that they stopped barking and listened to Olds as he sang the soothing country ballad. On February 13, The Friends of Vance County Animal Shelter shared a video of the sweet serenade and it quickly went viral. The Facebook page wrote:

🎵Vance county animal shelter is adding on to their enrichment program!! Chad Olds, an animal service officer with Vance county played his guitar to a very eager crowd. The adoption room had never been so quiet and at peace. We plan to continue this program so keep watch for more free concerts 🎶#VCASpets

The popular video even made its way to Alan Jackson’s official Facebook page where it was shared on Friday:

Shout out to Chad & Friends of Vance County Animal Shelter! What a great way to share Alan’s music! #FanShareFriday #LikeRedOnARose

According to The Daily Dispatch, the impromptu concert was the brain child of Frankie Nobles, Olds’ boss. Thanks to the rather amazing response from the dogs, the music will continue…and videos too.

The Friends of Vance County Animal Shelter stated:

It is truly touching how far and wide this is reaching! Alan Jackson shared our video! We are beyond grateful for all of this, its about the animals, its about spreading awareness, helping the public see a softer REAL side to shelter staff and animal control officers. How could we stop now?! Keep watch for MORE videos!

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