Animal Services Caring For Abused Puppy Found With Injured Snout

Abused puppy being cared for by animal services

An abused puppy, suffering from injuries believed to be caused by rubber bands, is getting a fresh start under the care of San Diego County Animal Services in California. The three-month-old puppy was found hiding beneath a car in Santee on Wednesday night.

According to the San Diego County News Center, the wounds on the terrier mix pup’s snout are clearly the result of abuse. “There’s no question this puppy has been abused,” said County Animal Services Director Dan DeSousa “Perhaps it was a misguided attempt to stop the little dog from barking but  pet owners should not stoop to these steps as there are other options open to them like training.”

It is likely that the puppy had been abandoned; the good Samaritan who called Animal Services stated that the puppy was spotted in an area by a fast food restaurant where a vehicle (described as an orange Dodge Charger) had briefly stopped at. The puppy ran from the area where the car was spotted and then hid underneath another vehicle before being captured.

Fortunately, this puppy’s days of being hurt and abandoned are behind him. Since no identification was found on the pup, he will be placed up for adoption as soon as he has recuperated from his injuries.

The Department of Animal Services stated:

DAS will accept applications to adopt this pup through the close of business on Wednesday, August 2nd.  DAS staff will review the applications and select the top candidates to be invited to interact with the pup. After those interacts, a new loving family will be chosen for the pup.

Individuals interested in adopting this puppy must complete an application (click here).

Based upon the seriousness of the dog’s injuries, the department may start an animal abuse investigationAnyone with information on the case can call the department at (619) 498-2305.  If convicted of animal cruelty, a suspect could face up to three years in prison, a fine of up to $20,000 or both.

(Image via San Diego County Animal Services)



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