Animal Services Caring For Puppy Thrown Away In Hot Dumpster

Oscar was found in a dumpster

Mesquite Animal Services is caring for a puppy who was recently discovered in a dumpster on a hot Texas day. The pup, dubbed “Oscar,” was found by a good Samaritan who heard his whimpers last weekend.

Fortunately, little Oscar was found before the sun was out in full force – the temperature last Saturday climbed to 91-degrees reported Fox 4 News. The Mesquite Texas City Hall alerted its Facebook followers about the puppy on July 22:

Mesquite Animal Services got a call today from a concerned citizen who was walking her dog past the Mesquite ISD offices off Towne Crossing Blvd. She heard a strange noise coming from the dumpster and looked inside to find this pup.

We sent our on call officer out there right away and “Oscar” is now resting comfortably at the shelter. He will be held for observation and for a 72 hour stray hold period and then will be available for adoption.

The post generated hundreds of comments and shares – the animal services agency is hopeful that Oscar’s story will inspire people to consider adopting a homeless pet who may have a similar story. Jeanne Saadi, the shelter manager explained, “The outpouring of support this one story has gotten from all over the country has been great, and we want to build on those kinds of outcomes.”

Little Oscar will likely be in a new home soon – his story has generated a great deal of adoption interest. Nobody is actively investigating who abandoned Oscar in the dumpster. The shelter manager told Fox 4, “It’s not necessarily wasn’t a malicious act. We don’t want to make those judgments.”

(Mesquite Texas City Hall photo)

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Penny Eims

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