Baby Squirrel Yawns SO BIG After Fantastically Lucky Rescue On Animal Shelter Grounds

Photo credit: SPCA of Brevard

The baby squirrel was in found bad shape, but a lucky place.

On Saturday morning, workers at the SPCA of Brevard in southeast Florida arrived to discover this little one on the shelter’s grounds.

The tiny animal had likely been thrown from a nest during this week’s bad storms, and was next to a sibling who’d died. This squirrel looked on the verge of that fate as well.

“It was covered in ants — its poor nest mate had already died from them,” says spokesperson Susan Naylor.

Photo credit: SPCA of Brevard
Photo credit: SPCA of Brevard

The shelter is equipped for cats and dogs, and lots of other pets, but not wildlife. So Naylor and the crew set out to bring the baby to a licensed wildlife rehabilitator, about 20 minutes away.

Before they could get there, though, they were treated to this great big yawn.

Sorry to bore you, little bud!


Carol Hardee of Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Central Florida has the wee one now — this being baby squirrel season, she’s got 25 baby squirrels under her care at the moment, in fact.

Hardee tells Shelter Me this critter is a boy. Based on his size, and his teeth just starting to come in, he’s probably two to three weeks old.

The youngster was cold and dehydrated when Hardee got him. She’s been feeding him, and given him some subcutaneous fluids, and as of Saturday afternoon — thank goodness — he seems to be on the mend.

“He’s holding his own,” Hardee says. “I’m hopeful.”

“That’s fantastic!” says Naylor. “Working in animal rescue can definitely be challenging. Saving a life, no matter what the species, is the best feeling.”

Photo credit: SPCA of Brevard
Photo credit: SPCA of Brevard

You almost certainly want to check out Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Central Florida’s website, so you can see more of the animals that they’ve helped — the group is a 501(c)(3); here’s where you can donate.

Keep tabs on the SPCA of Brevard’s animals on Facebook.

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