California Governor Brown Legalizes Breaking Car Windows To Save Pets From Hot Cars






The wind in their ears, new scents in their nose, dogs in cars is a wonderful thing.  Except when their human locks them inside one, and walks away to go shopping, leaving them at the mercy of the mercury.





Luckily, dogs in California just got a bone-a-fied boost from Governor Jerry Brown, who, on September 24, signed AB 797, known as the Right to Rescue Act.  If you bust a window on a car to rescue an animal in peril, CA citizens are now protected from damages both civil and criminal!    The Bill was approved with a vote of 7-0.



This makes California the seventh state to pass this law; the other states include TN, FL, OH, WI, VT and, most recently, MA.


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If you have any doubt about the need for this law across the country, watch the “Hot Car Challenge”, linked below!

Hot Car Challenge
Hot Car Challenge


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Humane Society

Twenty states, including CA, already had laws in place making it illegal to leave an animal unattended in a parked vehicle.   CA’s current ‘Good Samaritan Law‘ protects citizens from civil liability for rendering “emergency medical or non-medical care” to a person in need.  However, rescuing an animal was sometimes questionable.


Said CA Assemblymember Miguel Santiago (D-Los Angeles), who helped push through the bill, “I am proud to be working on this bipartisan effort to end inhumane animal deaths.”



Courtesy, SPCA


Now animals, and people who love them, even if they are not their owners, will know that the law in CA says that it’s cool to care; there’s no more need to sweat it out.

Lisa Blanck

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