‘Call of the Cats: What I Learned about Life and Love from a Feral Colony’

In his memoir “Call of the Cats: What I Learned about Life and Love from a Feral Colony,” Andrew Bloomfield relates the story of his reluctant (at first) relationship with the feral cat colony in his backyard.

Bloomfield’s story is not simple, and the twists and turns his life took from the Himalayan mountains to a bungalow in Southern California are fascinating. He deftly intersperses his past “before cats” with his current “cat” reality.

The narrative is appropriately — and humorously — self-deprecating. But it’s also filled with the reality of cats living on their own without human protection. They are vulnerable to all kinds of predators including raccoons and coyotes. Too many kittens die and too many cats never know a loving touch for this to be a book with a completely happy ending.

Like real life, there are struggles that Bloomfield bested and those that bested him. He had the support of his two roommates and, for a while, a very supportive and generous veterinarian.

The message behind Bloomfield’s story is that often, life gives you choices. One of the choices may be an easy road to follow, but the other is the road that will be uphill, fraught with danger and heartache, but fulfilling and purposeful in the end. Bloomfield chose the right road. And as the poet Frost said, “That has made all the difference.”

This is a perfect choice for any animal lover or even for those who have feral cats in their neighborhood.

For another feral cat story, read “Over 300 Cats in Trailer Park…” or “To Catch a Cat.”

Please note: This review is based on the final book provided by New World Library, the publisher, for review purposes.

Pamela Kramer

​Animal lover and rescuer. Lives with 4 cats, 4 dogs, 1 bird, 2 frogs and usually one foster animal (and very understanding husband). Reviews books (especially about animals) and educates children about compassion toward animals. Former household animals include rabbits, rats, and other assorted creatures. Also writes at pamelakramer.com

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