Canine Disaster Search Teams Deployed To Florida

Days ago, the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation announced that 16 Search Dog Foundation trained canine disaster search teams have been deployed to Florida. Among the teams bound for Florida are five teams who were just deactivated from the Hurricane Harvey incident.

The teams deployed to Florida have been staged to respond to hard-hit areas after the storm passes. The National Disaster Search Dog Foundation has provided some background information about a few of the dogs participating in the Florida rescue mission.

Dogs like Lilah, who was recruited from the Sacramento SPCA back in 2011. Lilah came to the animal shelter as a stray, but a volunteer recognized the dog’s potential and Lilah proved herself to have what it takes to be a search and rescue dog after being evaluated.

And Keila, of New York Task Force 2, who was recruited from the Brightside Animal Center in Redmond, Oregon. Keila’s athletic ability, intelligence and sweet demeanor are all attributes which make her an ideal search dog.

The full roster of search team dogs is:

California Task Force 1 (Los Angeles Fire)
Eric Ingstad & Java
California Task Force 3 (Menlo Park)
Tom Carney & Allie
Ed Martinez & Fritz
Garreth Miller & Vita
Eli Thomas & Vader
California Task Force 7 (Sacramento)
Mike Stornetta & Rocket (CA-TF4 team deploying with CA-TF7)
California Task Force 8 (San Diego)
Brent Brainard & Decker
Linda D’Orsi & Haley
Donovan George & Ollie (CA-TF5 team deploying with CA-TF8)
Matthew Kirk & Stella
Florida Task Force 1 (Miami-Dade)
Marshia Hall & Lilah
Nebraska Task Force 1 (Lincoln)
Andrew Pitcher & Chief
New York Task Force 2 (Albany)
Brian Girard & Keila
Greg Gould & Dax
Pennsylvania Task Force 1 (Commonwealth of Pennsylvania)
Eric Darling & Ben
Virginia Task Force 1 (Fairfax County)
Kristi Bartlett & Ivan

Find the website for the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation here.

(Image via National Disaster Search Dog Foundation)

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