Cat adoption coordinator at Greenville shelter uses her photography skills to help cats find homes

Update September 20, 2016: Pine, the feature photo for this article, has been adopted!

Jenny Barnett is the cat adoption/rescue coordinator at Greenville County Animal Care Services (also known as the Greenville pound), a high-intake shelter located in Upstate South Carolina. Not only does Jenny have an important job in finding the best pet parent for the cats at the Greenville shelter, she also plays a part in finding every cat she can a forever home by using her photography skills.

A lot of shelters mistakenly believe it takes fancy photographic equipment to photograph cats. The reality is a good photographer paired with a decent digital camera can produce a beautiful end result.

Matilda is available at Greenville County Animal Care

Many of the cats at the Greenville shelter are furnished with a yellow receptacle, which they enjoy hiding inside of. This makes an excellent background for many of Jenny’s beautiful photos. Jenny is so attuned to the shelter cats she can even capture the personality of a particular cat with only a steel cage as the background.

Frac shows even a steel cage can be used as a background
Frac shows even a steel cage can be used as a background

For her photography, Jenny uses the Cannon EOS Rebel T3. It’s her camera of choice because it takes fast pictures, which is helpful anytime you plan to photograph pets. When asked about her cat photography skills she stated

“Cats are a lot easier to take pics of than the dogs and with a fast camera, it’s not hard. I just have to take a lot to be sure to get good ones. I try to use my hand to get their attention and soft like sss noises that aren’t scary. You can also use one of the toys on a stick to get their attention. Just takes some patience. It’s worth it to have pictures that show the cats colors and personality. “

Urban Dog Photography, founded by award-winning photojournalist Renee Carolla in 2007, photographs the dogs at Greenville County Animal Care. Jenny says Renee also lends a hand with the cat photography at times.

Please keep in mind a good camera doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Many digital camera deals can be found on the internet, especially during the holidays. With a little practice, any shelter can get great photos with minimal cost and effort.

A big thank you goes out to these ladies who understand how quality photos shared on social media play a major role in finding forever homes for these unwanted cats. Ladies, you’re the greatest!

Check out the photos of cats for adoption on Facebook: Greenville County Pet Rescue. For those of you in the Greenville area interesting in adding a pet to the family, the shelter is located at 328 Furman Hall Road.

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