‘Cat on the Bus’ by Aram Kim Is a Charming Picture Book

Sometimes a picture book with simple words and illustrations is able to touch the hearts of readers. Many Shelter Me readers — especially those with cats — will love this tale of a stray cat finding a home in a very unusual manner.

In “Cat on the Bus” by Aram Kim, a lovely, lonely, calico stray cat searches for food and warmth. Unkind people shoo her away. She sees children board a bus, but when she tries to, the first bus driver shoos her off the bus. It starts to snow, and still the calico waits at the bus stop.

The next driver is kinder and allows the cat to board the bus. The cat daintily makes her way to an empty seat. It’s not empty for long. A gentleman with patched clothing sits next to her. He says, “Hello, cat!” His face is kind.

Soon the cat is curled up against his leg, wrapped in his scarf. The ending is wonderful — the cat no longer a stray.

cton-the-busThis is Kim’s first picture book, but she proves to be a master at using the illustrations to tell her story. Some pages have no text at all, but the illustrations and the facial expressions tell the story beautifully. Even the endpapers contribute to the tale. The beginning endpapers show a cat’s footprints, alone, on what appears to be a snowy white background. The endpapers at the back of the book show two pairs of footprints, the cats and her rescuer’s.

Lovely and heartwarming. The best kind of picture book.

Please note: This review is based on the final, hardcover book provided by Holiday House, Inc. for review purposes.


Pamela Kramer

​Animal lover and rescuer. Lives with 4 cats, 4 dogs, 1 bird, 2 frogs and usually one foster animal (and very understanding husband). Reviews books (especially about animals) and educates children about compassion toward animals. Former household animals include rabbits, rats, and other assorted creatures. Also writes at pamelakramer.com