Cat Yoga Classes Are A Big Hit At This Cage-Free Shelter

Experiencing "zen" at Good Mews (Pinterest)

Good Mews Animal Foundation, an Atlanta-area cat shelter, is getting a lot attention for their cat yoga program. They are also celebrating their one year anniversary of becoming a cage-free facility.

Yoga class participant entertaining Good Mews resident cat
Yoga class participant entertaining Good Mews resident cat

What could be better than relaxing, meditating and striking a yoga pose amidst the Good Mews feline residents? The yoga classes began in July 2016 as a way to attract new adopters to their shelter and at this time classes are booked through January 7. Classes are taught by a certified yoga instructor Lisa Bass, who is also a volunteer at the shelter, teaches the class in the main Good Mews cat room and each class is limited to 15 students. The $20 participation fee goes directly to the care of the cats and kittens and not to the instructor, who donates her time because of her love of cats.

The cat yoga class was Lisa’s brainchild after seeing a cat video on the internet. Since Lisa thought it might be hard to clean up a regular studio after a class held with a bunch of cats, she took people with allergies into consideration and decided to bring the class to the shelter and shelter manager Lisa Johns agreed yoga classes were a great idea to draw potential adopters into the shelter.

Sometimes it's hard to tell who's having the most fun (Pinterest)
Sometimes it’s hard to tell who’s having the most fun (Pinterest)

Marketing Chairwoman Nancy Riley explained in an interview with how the goal of the program is to help the approximately 100 cats in their shelter find a forever home

“Our mission is ‘finding good homes for good kitties,’ and the volunteer marketing committee, which I lead, does all we can to help carry out this mission by thinking of new ways to introduce our cats to potential adopters. We’ve had a kitten shower, a Meows & Meowmosas brunch, and we regularly bring school kids into the shelter to read aloud to the cats.”

Experiencing "zen" at Good Mews (Pinterest)
Experiencing “zen” at Good Mews (Pinterest)

While the human participants are experiencing zen, the cats and kittens wander through the cat room and choose a mat on which to nap. The cats love the dim lighting and soft music and that people are on the floor with them. Several yoga students have returned with friends and family to adopt their kitty yoga partner, making cat yoga a win-win for everyone.

Experiencing 'zen' at Good Mews (Pinterest)
Experiencing ‘zen’ at Good Mews (Pinterest)

The link to sign up for classes is here. You must be 18 years or older and each class is $20. Hopefully, more classes will be made available in the near future so cat lovers can continue to entertain the Good Mews residents.

For more information on Good Mews Animal Foundation, check out their Facebook page and their website.

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  1. Lisa Bass says:

    I teach this class for Good Mews and would love to offer suggestions to get it started at your shelter. It has been a heartwarming/good for the soul experience for the participants, as well as the cats. Thank you Elisa for sharing the article and for what you do!! <3

    1. Elisa Taylor says:

      I LOVE this idea! I’d about bet the women laugh more than they exercise 🙂 You can offer suggestions in the comments if you want.

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