Charleston Animal Society Takes In Seized Dogs From Neglectful Home

The Charleston Animal Society is caring for eight dogs who were seized from a neglectful home in North Charleston, South Carolina. According to Live 5 News, on January 30, the local authorities were called to a home on Niagra Street to perform an animal welfare check – according to the police report, the responding officer was allowed to search the property and discovered a total of nine pit bulls, including one who had died. On the day that the officer made the grim discovery, the body of the deceased dog was removed, as was one dog (dubbed “Cappuccino”) who was clearly in need of urgent veterinary care.

Two days later, after a search warrant was obtained, animal control officials returned to the property to seize the remaining dogs. All of the dogs removed from the property are currently being cared for by the Charleston Animal Society. Aldwin Roman, the Animal Society’s director of anti-cruelty and outreach, noted that there is a criminal investigation into the disturbing situation, but the true focus is to get the seized dogs the best care possible. In a statement, Roman said, “There is a criminal investigation into what was found but we are focused on providing the best life-saving care possible for these animals.”

Charleston Animal Society spokesperson Kay Hyman has stated that Caitlyn’s Anti-Cruelty Fund will be utilized to provide care for the dogs who are now in the custody of the shelter. Though Cappuccino’s condition was described as “critical,” when he first arrived, he has now stabilized after receiving I.V. fluids, blood transfusions and treatment for parasites.

According to Count On 2 News, Sergio Flowers has been issued a summons for sanitation and animal care violations.

Individuals hoping to contribute to the care of these dogs can find Caitlyn’s Anti-Cruelty Fund at this link. Charleston Animal Society on Facebook here.

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    the scumbags that let this happen should pay all the vet expenses for these poor dogs….. and make sure they NEVER have another animal…

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