Community Rallies Around Miracle Dog Who Was Shot And Abandoned In The Snow

A community is rallying around a young dog who miraculously survived being shot and abandoned in the bitter cold. On January 11, the mixed breed dog, dubbed Sarge, was discovered in rural Iron County, Michigan, by a man who was driving to work. The abandoned dog was laying in the middle of the road…his leg was broken and he had a gunshot wound to his head.

It is surmised that Sarge had been dumped near old M-69  during the night, and that he had somehow managed to drag his battered body to the road where he was found by the man who was kind enough to stop his car. The good Samaritan was shocked when the dog, who he had believed was dead, lifted his head and looked at him, reported

Sarah Erickson, manager of the Northwoods Animal Shelter, was contacted by deputies who responded to the scene. According to a fundraiser set up by the shelter on Sarge’s behalf, Trooper Weesner and Deputy Schiavo transported the injured dog in their patrol car to the Four Seasons Animal Hospital – there, he was stabilized and treated for hypothermia.

Though cold and injured – Sarge displayed an amazingly sweet demeanor. Sarge’s fundraiser explains:

“The fact that Sarge is still alive is a miracle! This amazing dog loves everyone that he meets! Despite painful injuries, this dog is always wagging his tail and giving kisses to his caregivers.”

Sarge is amazing everyone with not only his remarkable personality, but with his progress. He beat the odds by surviving a gunshot and being abandoned in the bitter cold, and he was discovered by someone who took the time to call for help. Though his injuries are significant, he is showing his resilient spirit by rallying faster than anyone could have imagined.

Sarge’s badly broken leg will be surgically repaired at the University of Wisconsin – estimates for the surgery are over $3,000 (donations can be made at this link to Sarge’s fundraising Facebook page).

A brighter future is in store for this cast aside dog. As soon as he has recuperated, he will be made available for adoption, and many people have already expressed interest in offering him a home. According to Iron Mountain Daily News, the shelter has been “flooded” with calls about him.

Follow Sarge’s progress on the Northwoods Animal Shelter Facebook page here.

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Penny Eims

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