Correctional Facility Implements Program For Inmates To Foster Displaced Dogs

PUPS Program

A correctional facility in northern Nevada has implemented a new program which will allow inmates to foster dogs who have been displaced by natural disasters. The Warm Springs Correctional Facility already has an inmate/canine program (PUPS on Parole) so the transition to fostering displaced dogs should be easy to do.

Scott Hilderbrand, Correctional Case Worker at Warm Springs Correctional Center, explained to KOLO TV:

“We’re ready to go. We have all the resources, all the volunteers. We have the training. We’re just excited and happy to have this opportunity.”

Participating inmates are excited about the new opportunity.  Cody Simper, an inmate foster volunteer, said, “I am so excited. I could never imagine having a dog in prison and now that I’m getting one, I’m stoked! I can’t wait!”

Dogs joining the new foster program are coming from the Pet Network Humane Society in Incline Village. The non-profit organization welcomed over 150 displaced pets from shelters in New Orleans on October 7. The pets were relocated from crowded animals shelters to make room for pets who were displaced by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma.

The correctional facility has advised the Pet Network Humane Society that they are willing to take in displaced dogs from other disasters, such as the recent wildfires in northern California.

The program provides a win-win situation for the dogs and the inmates. Dogs welcomed into the facility receive round-the-clock love and care, and the participating inmates are provided with the opportunity to care for another living being.

There are 26 inmates who have been selected to participate in the new foster program. The participants already are part of the Pups on Parole program which pairs behaviorally challenged dogs from the Nevada Humane Society with inmates who provide training and behavior modification techniques. Learn more about this training program here.

(Images via Pups on Parole/Nevada Humane Society and screenshots KOLO TV)

Penny Eims

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