“Crazy Cat Lady” Exhibit Premieres in L.A. to Celebrate Our Feline Friends

Crazy cat ladies are being rewarded their place in history in the form of a museum exhibition in Los Angeles. Dubbed “Crazy Cat Ladies: Celebrating Kitties and Their Champions,” curator Lisa Levinson is taking a magnifying glass to the myths and stereotypes by showing cat ladies (and gents) in modern form.

Hannah Shaw gives her take on crazy cat ladies in her YouTube video produced solely for promotion of the Crazy Cat Ladies exhibition, saying cat ladies are portrayed as

“this lonely old woman with a million cats and a bathrobe and frizzy hair. It doesn’t have to be crazy to save lives. When seven out of ten cats who enter U.S. shelters are being killed there we need smart and sophisticated people of all backgrounds to be involved to change that.”

The Animal Museum, now at its new location at 421 Colyton Street, is the first museum of its kind. The 6,000-square-foot space is sandwiched between design studios and galleries and is the perfect spot to pay tribute to cat enthusiasts. Lisa worked with dozens of nonprofits, academics and advocates from around the country to make it happen.

A preview of the Animal Museum was held on Saturday, October 1, with the grand opening scheduled for December 3. One goal of the exhibit is to show the diversity of cat lovers, who are comprised of women, men, young people, working professionals, lawyers, photographers and even tattooed rescuers.


To continue to stereotype the typical cat lover as a woman with frizzy hair and a bathrobe surrounded by cats may turn young people who are looking for social acceptance against professing a love of all things cat. Placing cat lovers into a negative category is killing cats, a fact many people don’t realize. The Animal Museum is working to portray cat all lovers, regardless of their personal or professional life, in a positive light.

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Elisa Taylor

Elisa's articles have helped save thousands of the shelter pets she writes about, along with animal welfare and cruelty case articles which are published on Pictures-of-cats.org as well as her personal website at Nationalcatexaminer.com (National Cat Reporter). Elisa lives with her daughter and a multitude of cats (including one cat­-dog named Cujo). As a writing "addict" Elisa enjoys sharing interesting stories with other animal lovers.

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