Deserted By Owners, Hurricane Irma Dogs Find New Homes


A group of dogs abandoned by their owners when Hurricane Irma struck Florida, are finding new homes thanks to a news crew who was on the scene and SPCA Florida, Lakeland.


You might remember seeing the dogs struggling to survive.  With the flood waters rising, some were stranded in locked cages; one found purchase on a dry picnic table.  Their scary plight was captured by a news crew from WFLA.  The station received so many messages from concerned viewers that they made sure they were on the air, broadcasting live, while the animals were rescued by Animal Control and taken to safety.


They  were vetted and received training at the SPCA.  It’s possible that some of them may have lived in cages for much of their lives before they were rescued.   For these dogs, Irma may have been the best thing that could have happened to them.  In just a few months, their lives have changed for the better.

“The difference is night and day…”


Two have already been adopted into new, loving homes.


Sir Mix-A-Lot, hurricane survivor!


Adam Stanfield, from SPCA Florida, told the news crew,

“It’s real exciting you know, when we can be involved in a story like this, thanks to you.  And just to be able to get the animals back on the right path of health and happiness.”

Marigold, hurricane survivor!

The remaining three, Marigold, Sir Mix-A-Lot and Johnny, are also ready and waiting for new homes.  Click on their photos and links above for their details.  You can find them, and other adoptables, at SPCA Lakeland, 5850 Brannen Road S., Lakeland, FL,  (863) 646-7722.



Check out an episode of and catch up on new stories on this link.



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