Destiny Reunites Cat Brothers When Their Owners Start Dating

It can be heartbreaking to go to a local animal shelter to adopt a new cat and know you have to leave his brother behind. That’s what happened to a Petaluma, California woman back in 2014. Thanks to destiny, the cat she took home and the cat she had to leave behind have been reunited.

This story begins in 2014 when Cathleen Cavin took her daughter Cali to Petaluma Animal Services to pick out a kitten. Due to restrictions put in place by their landlord they could only adopt one. They chose a ginger and white male kitten to take home and his sibling was sadly left behind. The new family member was named Ozzy and has been very well loved since his adoption.

“We were devastated. When we brought Ozzy home, for weeks, Cali, my daughter thought that Ozzy was upset as he wasn’t with his brother and I am sure she was right.”

Cathleen made the promise to her daughter to one day reunite Ozzy with his brother and never dreamed she’d be able to fulfill that promise. When she contacted the shelter shortly after adopting Ozzy, Cathleen learned his sibling had found his forever home just four days later.

Ozzy on adoption day (Petaluma Animal Services)

Then in June 2016, Cathleen connected with Brian Herrera on Tinder, where the couple discovered they had a mutual love of walks on the beach. The couple had started their friendship eight months earlier but had never met. On the night of their first date, Cathleen and Brian learned they had much more in common than either of them realized.

When Cathleen arrived at Brians home, she quickly noticed Butter, his cat who was a carbon copy of Ozzy. In an interview with Lovemeow, she described seeing Butter for the first time since leaving him at the shelter two years earlier

“I could not believe my eyes. I yelled out, ‘you have my cat!’ ”

The two made a visit to Petaluma Animal Services, where it was confirmed through their adoption papers that Ozzy and Butter were brothers. Kathy Sousa of Petaluma Animal Services said Ozzy and Butter were orphaned kittens found at a mobile home park along with their four siblings. The kittens were all placed in a foster care program and Butter and Ozzy were paired up together. At nine weeks old the kittens were placed up for adoption.

As for Cathleen and Brian, they’ve made plans to move in together next month. They’re not engaged at this time, but the couple has been together since their first date and they consider themselves “soulmates.” They believe destiny played a major part in bringing their cats (and them) together.

Ozzy and Butter getting to know each other again (Cathleen Cavin)

Not only do they have the cats in common along with their love of beaches, Cathleen and Brian also learned they lived in the same area several times over the years but never met.

Cathleen was finally able to fulfill her promise to her daughter Cali and the couple believes their fated meeting through Tinder will lead to a bright future for both families, including their cats.

Elisa Taylor

Elisa’s articles have helped save thousands of the shelter pets she writes about, along with animal welfare and cruelty case articles which are published on as well as her personal website at (National Cat Reporter). Elisa lives with her daughter and a multitude of cats (including one cat­-dog named Cujo). As a writing “addict” Elisa enjoys sharing interesting stories with other animal lovers.


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