Disfigured Dog to Train as Therapy Dog to Work with Disfigured Kids at Children’s Hospital

In January, a New Jersey woman heard about a dog who was mutilated in Thailand and made the decision to raise the funds necessary to bring the 2-year-old mixed breed to the United States. “Teresa” has undergone extensive surgery to improve her quality of life and is preparing to take the next step in her life by becoming a therapy dog to disfigured children.

Teresa wakes up happy every day

Karen Quigley and her friend Michelle Weirich heard about Teresa and the man in Thailand who tried and failed to butcher her. Teresa was left without a nose and with part of her jaw missing. Together the ladies contacted Facebook friends and set up a GoFundMe account. Over $11,000 was raised and the money used to bring Teresa to the United States, where she was taken to Northstar Vets in Robbinsville. Dr. John Lewis performed surgery to extract her teeth and repair her tongue.

Teresa’s life has improved dramatically. According to Karen

“She can do everything and that’s what’s so remarkable about Teresa. She eats hard food, she eats wet food, (and) really I haven’t found anything she can’t do.”


Teresa loves provolone cheese

Now Teresa spends her day running and playing in the yard like a normal dog and is adjusting well to life in America. She wakes up happy every day and has other rescue dogs to play with, along with a pig named Templeton. She can breathe through her nose as well as her mouth. In the near future, Teresa will train as a therapy dog to work with disfigured kids at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Karen loves Teresa and has experience with “unique looking” dogs. She owned Elwood, who was voted world’s ugliest dog in 2007.

Elisa Taylor

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