Dog Abandoned Outside Of Shelter With Note, ‘Hi my name is Buddy’

Buddy the dog

On May 21, a dog was found inside of an undersized cage, outside of the new Henry County Humane Society in Geneseo, Illinois. According to the Geneseo Republic, who first reported on the situation, a volunteer dog walker for the animal shelter found the dog, who had been abandoned with a note which began, “Hi, my name is Buddy.”

The note, which explained that Buddy had “outgrown” the apartment that he lived in, also stated that the dog was amazing with children, up to date on his shots and that he was loved and cherished by his family, who hoped that he would bring joy to his new family.

Buddy’s adorable face, coupled with the mysterious and touching note, garnered a great deal of attention. So much so that Tracy, the animal shelter manager, created a lengthy Facebook post about the situation on May 27:

What a day…..busy, busy, busy! As you have seen by now, Buddy the Labradoodle is quite the star. For the wrong reasons of course, but a star just the same. If you don’t know what I am talking about, check out his story here on our Facebook page.

Tracy pointed out that Buddy is not the only animal with a sad story…she wrote:

Yep, Buddy has a sad story and one that I wish was just not common at all. But it’s not. No, not one bit. Every single animal here at the shelter has a story. And not a one is a good story. Sure, they are here, and we are vetting them, and caring for them and feeding them. And no matter how sad it gets, we are dedicated to make sure they either find the perfect home, or they live out a fantastic life, even if it’s with us.

The note, along with Buddy’s cute face, resulted in a slew of adoption applications. The shelter staff is sifting through the pile to ensure that Buddy finds the perfect new home. But the shelter manager has a reminder for those who were caught up in the Buddy frenzy:

While I am beyond happy for Buddy, because he will indeed get a happy ending after a rotten ordeal, every single animal we have at the shelter has a story. And it is never a good one, or they would not be here in the first place. And while excitement of saving that Labradoodle’s life is a full steam, maybe those who do not get him, will take a moment to check out the others. Listen to their stories. And find that those other dogs are souls searching as well.

Every animal has a story – please click here to see all of the homeless animals at the shelter who are waiting for their own happily ever after, just like Buddy.

(Photo courtesy of Cindy Avey)

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Penny Eims

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  1. JERRY EDELMAN says:

    How EXACTLY do you “outgrow” a home that is supposedly filled with love? I simply do NOT understand people and how they view their relationships with companion animals.

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