Dog Thrown From Cliff in Los Angeles Adopted by the Family Who Fostered Her

A dog who was thrown from a cliff in Los Angeles earlier this month now has a new forever home with the family who fostered her.

The video of a female pit bull being thrown 15 to 20 feet over a cliff went viral after being captured on a neighbor’s home security camera. The surveillance footage shows a dog jumping into the window of a man’s car. The same man is later seen picking up the dog and throwing her down a steep hill.

Do you recognize this man?
Do you recognize this man?

Witnesses told Fox 11 News the female pit bull was thrown 15 to 20 feet over the cliff and that a bush broke her fall. The shocking scene was captured on a neighbor’s home security camera, who later turned over the footage to investigators.

One witness, who asked not to be identified, told Fox 11 News

“After he threw her off the cliff he looked around to make sure nobody saw and hopped back in his vehicle and drove off. I came out here with my flashlight looking around, I was making some noise trying to get her attention and sure enough I saw her behind a bush off the cliff.”

A man named Reuben Roque and his family later fostered the dog, whom they started calling Hera, after the Greek goddess. The family fell in love with Hera and made the decision to adopt her as soon as possible. In an interview with Fox 11 News Roque said

“It’s been rough just not knowing which direction things were going to go and it was such a waiting game.”

Los Angeles County Animal Control protocol required Hera be taken from the Roque family long enough to be spayed and microchipped, which is a requirement before they could legally adopt her.

Marcia Mayeda, Director of Los Angeles County Animal Control, confirmed the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is working the case. Although no arrests have been made at this time, the suspect is said to have done this exact thing before to Hera.  Mayeda said Hera was a wonderful patient and was a joy to have in their care.

On Wednesday, Hera became a permanent member of the Roque family, who are still bewildered how anyone could have thrown away such a sweet dog.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department at 213-229-1700.

Elisa Taylor

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  1. Joey Pitt says:

    They have the idiot’s picture , car and area as well as some public media posts and they have not arrested him ? What the hell if it was in a 25 mile radius from here I would solve it myself .

    1. Elisa Taylor says:

      I’ve covered a lot of cruelty cases over the years and usually an arrest isn’t made until the police are absolutely sure they have enough to make the charges stick. Some cases where the identity of the person is known still take from a few weeks to a few months for an arrest to be made.

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