Dog Visits Dying Owner In Hospital To Give Loving Goodbye – Nearly 20 Million People See Moving Video

Mollie the dog says goodbye to her beloved owner, Ryan Jessen, who died from a brain hemorrhage. MICHELLE JESSEN/FACEBOOK

Ryan Jessen thought he just had a migraine, but it turned out to worse than anyone could have ever imagined.

The 33-year-old California man was diagnosed with a ventricular brain hemorrhage and quickly fell into a coma he would never awake from. While his family gathered around his hospital bed to say goodbye, they realized they were missing someone: Ryan’s best friend and devoted dog, Mollie.

Luckily, the hospital agreed to allow the Jessen family to bring the dog inside to bid farewell to his buddy for the last time.

“So she’d know why her human never came home,” Ryan’s sister, Michelle, explained in a Facebook post. “If you knew my brother, he really loved his sweet dog.”

A 30-second video of the brown and white dog sniffing her owner as the man lays lifeless in a hospital bed, surrounded by tubes and machines, has gone viral with more than 12 million views since it was posted on Dec. 1.

“There he is, say goodbye to him,” someone can be heard saying through tears in the background. “There he is. Do you smell him?”

Ryan died on Nov. 30 — just a day before the video was posted.

“We [released] him, with gratitude, to give the gift of life through the organ donor program to waiting recipients,” Michelle said. “We have personally, and prayerfully, received much support, for which we are gratefully indebted to each and every kindness. It happened so quickly.”

Doctors believe the hemorrhage was caused by high blood pressure; there’s speculation that his frequent consumption of energy drinks may have contributed, Michelle explained.

Though Ryan’s passing was tragic for the Jessen family, they were comforted to know that while he lost his life, he saved another.

A 17-year-old boy in California, whose birthday is on Christmas, received Ryan’s heart last week, the family said.

“As sad as it is to lose Ryan, we know his heart is going to bring so much joy to the family of the recipient,” Michelle said. “I wish Ryan could know what a difference his heart will make for that young man.”

As for the dog, Michelle assured everyone that Mollie will stay in the family.
The Shelter Me segment, “Heal Me,” features shelter dogs who become therapy dogs and bring comfort to patients and their families in hospitals.

Source: CBS News


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  1. Lisa Hurley says:

    I know that bond oh too well. My baby snoflake passed away 16 months ago and until 2 months ago we never got another dog. We are currently fostering a dog named Lucky who is 12. We just found out last night he may be adopted sometime during the new yr. I may be grieving over the loss of Lucky soon but I know I can. Thank bond is so special between a person and their pets. I am glad the dog got to say goodbye.

  2. Jill Clark says:

    This is a tear jerker story. Oh my.

  3. Mary says:

    May Ryan and Mollie’s bond forever live on in showing how our fur babies need to say good bye also.
    Fly free Ryan, knowing your fur baby is safe in your families love and safety

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