Dog Who Disappeared Over 4 Years Ago Found And Reunited With Owner

Like a heartwarming scene from a movie, a dog who disappeared years ago has been found and reunited with his owner. It was four-and-a-half-years ago that a pit bull named “Shiny” vanished from his home in North Carolina.

His owner, Michelle Davis, searched frantically for her missing pet – canvassing the neighborhoods in her town, and checking in with the area shelters and veterinary hospitals. Eventually, as time passed, Davis gave up hope of ever seeing her companion again.

Everything changed when Shiny mysteriously reappeared in late June – thousands of miles away in a small town in California. Shiny was found on the streets of Willits and then taken to the Mendocino County Animal Shelter. Thanks to the stray dog’s embedded microchip, the staff at the shelter were able to determine who Shiny belonged to.

But how would he get back home?  Where he was found is 2700 miles from where he belonged. Thanks to the Mendocino County Animal Shelter’s social media request for help, Shiny was able to hitch a ride back to his family.

The director of Orphan Dog Rescue, Karen Schaver, saw the request for help and she was not only willing, but able, to get Shiny back to his family.



On July 2, Orphan Dog explained how the cross-country trek came to fruition:

Karen doesn’t take vacations. Ok, she called them vacations. The trips were to shelters to save dogs. This year, after many years of “working vacations,” Karen decided to take a trip back East to visit friends and family. Oh, and since she was bringing some personal keepsakes home, she decided to drive- in a van- that was empty going out.

So fortuitous for Shiny that he now has a ride back East, home, with our director at Orphan Dog in an empty van!

As Karen and Shiny made their long journey, photos and updates were posted to the Orphan Dog Facebook page – on July 6, the moment finally arrived, Shiny’s lengthy journey was over and he was back in the arms of his long-lost owner. Judging by his kisses, and wagging tail, he remembered his person.

If ever there was a shining example of the importance of microchips, this would be it. Welcome home Shiny, welcome home.

Orphan Dog on Facebook here.

Mendocino County Animal Shelter on Facebook here.

(Images via Orphan Dog Facebook page and Mendocino County Animal Shelter)

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