Dog Who Lost Her Litter in a Fire Finds Comfort in Raising Orphaned Puppies

The most heartbreaking experience a mother dog can face is the death of her puppies. To watch them burn to death in a barn fire is unimaginable.

On Monday, February 20, a sweet mother dog named Daisy lost all seven of her beautiful three-week-old puppies in a barn fire. Four goats and a pig also died in the fire, despite the best efforts of Jessica Woodruff and her family to save them.

Poor Daisy, who hails from Roseburg, Oregon, is described as the perfect family dog. She tried gallantly to run into the barn to save her little family and had to be held back from the burning building. Jessica describes how seriously Daisy was grieving

“Daisy wasn’t really eating, was walking down to the barn whining and sitting down. My heart broke for this new mom — that’s all she wanted.”

It didn’t take long for a family member to reach out on Facebook in an effort to help Daisy.

Help came after advertising on a Facebook group

Lorna Murphy read the post and understood the pain of losing a precious furbaby. Lorna’s dog of five years, Chloe, died shortly after giving birth, leaving eight puppies without a mother. Lorna called Jessica, and the two ladies feel the rest was fate.

The Friday following the fire, Daisy got a new family and eight orphaned puppies got a new mom. The puppies were allowed to nurse immediately, and Daisy continues to nurse and clean her brood.

Daisy is once again a happy mama

Daisy no longer visits the barn and Jessica says she is much more herself. She attributes Chloe’s precious puppies to helping Daisy heal.

Once the puppies are weaned they’ll return home to Lorna.

Photos by Jessica Woodruff

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