Dog with Fractured Pelvis in California Shelter Has Happy Ending

Was the tiny Maltese mix hit by a car? Kicked? No one knows, but he ended up in a life-threatening situation.

This two-year-old dog, who weighed less than ten pounds, had suffered a fractured pelvis and ended up in Orange County Animal Care. According to his Facebook post, although his owner had been contacted and agreed to pick up his dog, he did not. So Bimbo sat in the shelter, receiving basic vetting there, but he urgently needed rescue to provide medical care.

In stepped a rescue from Wisconsin, R & R Rescue. Its founder, Joy Manley explained to Shelter Me,”

When OC Animal Care post dogs code red, you’d better move quickly. I like working with them because they have a vet on staff. Without a vet, there can be distemper outbreaks, dogs don’t get sterilized, they can get sick. If shelters don’t have a budget to have a vet on staff, it’s unfortunate.

So I limit myself to OC. They have a special needs page, and they list the dogs, the special needs, and they update the site every 30 minutes. They are good to work with. (When you) pull from shelters, you have to pull the animal, take it to the vet immediately, and take a titer test to see if they have any contagious diseases. Most of my fosters have their own dogs and to bring a dog with distemper into their homes would be devastating.

Kermit after groomingd surgery. The shelter vet thought that he was improving and might not need surgery. But he couldn’t wait.”

Bimbo, renamed Kermit, is now safe. He was pulled from the OC shelter after Manley forwarded the shelter veterinary notes and x-rays to a local veterinarian. The vet determined that he needed surgery as soon as possible so that the old break would have a chance to heal correctly. The vet thought that Kermit must have been in a lot of pain.

Manley rushed to pull him even though she didn’t have the money for the surgery. She said, “Typically, I like to have funds on hand before pulling a dog, but I didn’t because I was thinking that he didn’t need surgery. I had to quickly try to raise the money for the surgery.”

Kermit had a femoral head osteotomy, FHO, and is recovering at the veterinary clinic. He will leave the clinic on Friday and go to a foster home. Manley shared that it’s difficult to manage foster homes from across the country. She has a few devoted volunteers, but all foster homes are screened as carefully as if they are adopting a dog.

Manley explained that she mostly rescues dogs with medical or behavioral needs. She prefers dogs who weigh less than 20 pounds because then she can carry them if they have physical needs. One recent rescue was Joey Allison, who was abandoned at 12. She urgently needed medical care and had all her teeth removed except for five. Her mouth was filled with infection, and the veterinarian had to do an emergency spay because her uterus had filled with liquid, and her body had filled with infection. She is in a foster home with pain medication, antibiotics, and eye medication. They are hoping that the medications will allow her to retain her vision.


R & R stands for Rescue & Rehabilitate, and that’s what Manley does with each and every dog she saves. The rescue’s Facebook page has information about the dogs they have saved as well as dogs who are in need of rescue. Their paypal email is:


Pamela Kramer

​Animal lover and rescuer. Lives with 4 cats, 4 dogs, 1 bird, 2 frogs and usually one foster animal (and very understanding husband). Reviews books (especially about animals) and educates children about compassion toward animals. Former household animals include rabbits, rats, and other assorted creatures. Also writes at


  1. Debrah Bailey-Auger says:

    A true Animal Angel who works tirelessly around the clock on top of her own busy work schedule to provide the much needed medical care and love these sweet , deserving souls require…..and from afar……….logistically…a challenge in itself !! You make the world a better place for the left behinds….the forgotten and the broken little bodies and spirits that far too many ignore and overlook. If only we could clone you Joy!! XOXO

  2. Debi Bayley says:

    Joy Manley, R & R Sanctuary, truly believes in her mission and works miracles, when hope was hard to come by! I am amazed by every challenge & outcome! These pups have safe loving futures because of her and her dedicated volunteers with huge hearts!

  3. Allison says:

    Great article! Joy is an amazing woman!

  4. Carole Pile says:

    I know Joy Manley personally, and she has a wonderful heart for these little ones whose lives have taken a downturn. There are a bunch of precious pups who now have great homes and loving families because Joy cares. R & R Sanctuary rocks!

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