Family Reunited With Lost Dog That Was Adopted By Another Family

An Upstate South Carolina family is celebrating the return of the dog they’ve considered a part of their family for the past eight years. The nightmare this family experienced over the past week has taught them many lessons, including the necessity of having a pet microchipped, following the adoption of their dog to another family.

Abby reunited with her family (FoxCarolina screenshot)
Abby reunited with her family (FoxCarolina screenshot)

Harold Fuller noticed his dog was missing last week shortly after he arrived home from work. Abby, an English Pointer, normally spent the day playing with a litter of puppies who lived nearby, but Harold discovered all of them were missing, so he began a search.

Family hugs the dog they almost lost forever (Fox Carolina screenshot)
Family hugs the dog they almost lost forever (Fox Carolina screenshot)

Harold went to the Greenville County Animal Care after friends looking for the puppies spotted Abby after she’d been turned in as a stray. He had his hands on Abby but was told by the animal shelter managers that although Abby was still there, she legally belonged to a new family who had already filled out the adoption paperwork before Harold arrived to reclaim his lost dog.

In an interview with Fox Carolina News, Harold told of the heartbreak of losing Abby a second time

“If you could have seen the look on her face, she was first so excited to see me, and then I get her and then they’re taking her away from me.”

After claiming Abby and preparing to leave with her, Harold had to give her back to the shelter. The Fuller family didn’t think Abby had been held the proper time before being adopted, but the county said she had. In the end, Abby was literally taken from his arms to go and live with another family.

The Fuller family received good news this week. The adoptive owner said Abby was suffering from separation anxiety and was returned back to Greenville County Animal Care. The family was contacted and Abby was able to go home to where she truly belonged.

Harold admitted he made a mistake common for dog owners who don’t consider their pet would ever run away, become lost and end up in a county shelter. By not replacing Abby’s collar when her old one fell off and by not having Abby microchipped, the Fuller family came close to losing their beloved dog forever.

This happy ending is a miracle, as Abby was actually lost twice. Once when she ran away from home and was taken as a stray to Greenville County Animal Care. The second time when the shelter adopted her out to another family. The Fuller family is grateful to have their girl home. Should Abby ever end up in a shelter again, her new microchip will tell the shelter she has a home and who to contact.

Note: Please keep microchip information up to date and have your veterinarian scan for the chip during your pet’s yearly physical, as microchips can move from where they were implanted.


Elisa Taylor

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  1. Susan Schreck says:

    This clearly was mishandled. The dog hadn’t been adopted out yet and the owner was there and it was obvious the dog knew her human Dad. How horrible of GCAC. The right thing to do is you contact the folks who put in the application to adopt and tell them that her real owner had been found. You don’t give THEM the dog. It is as if common sense has gone out the window at that place.

  2. Andrew Weprin says:

    Greenville County Animal Care is a shelter that still kills healthy, adoptable animals… They talk a lot about No Kill, but apparently only use it to raise funds! And if that wasn’t bad enough, they actually gave Abby to another family, even though the original family was there to take her home. How disgusting is that?! I’m happy Abby’s finally back home with her true family.

    1. Elisa Taylor says:

      There has been some misunderstanding about Abby. Both FoxCarolina and WYFF4 News both reported Abby was brought into the shelter last week. I’ve obtained her intake photo and she was brought in on October 10 so the shelter did wait the minimum hold time before adopting her out. But just because what the shelter did was legal doesn’t make it the right thing to do. I wonder whether the new adopting family was told Abby’s owner had shown up to claim her and they had adopted her on a technicality. The Fuller family is very fortunate Abby didn’t adjust and was returned to the shelter.

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