FDA Experiments On Captive Baby Squirrel Monkeys Halted

Courtesy, WCWP

With the assistance of beloved British primatologist, Dr. Jane Goodall, the White Coat Waste Project announced that controversial taxpayer-funded nicotine experiments on captive squirrel monkeys have been suspended by the FDA.

Dr. Goodall herself publicly denounced these experiments as “shameful”, “cruel and unnecessary.”  The experiments induced tremors, vomiting and years of isolation for the captive monkeys.

Thousands of caring citizens contacted Congress by phone and through links like this, convinced Senators Flake (R-AZ) and Calvert (R-CA), among others, to take action.  The FDA will now review these money-wasting experiments.  This action on behalf of the Senate is part of the proposed bi-partisan FACT ACT, which aims to increase transparency in government spending and shut down wasteful, harmful projects.

Said Senator Flake, “Transparency is the best way to ensure tax dollars are directed towards transformative research rather than being wasted on treadmills to nowhere.”

Courtesy, Encyclopedia Britannica

The White Coat Waste Project filed a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request back in December for information on this ongoing study, in which monkeys are being addicted to nicotine.  Allegedly, the FDA set up the study to observe human teenagers’ smoking habits.

According to paperwork obtained by WCWP, at any one time, 12 adolescent and 12 adult monkeys had catheters surgically implanted in their bodies.  The catheters delivered nicotine directly into their arteries.  The monkeys were fitted with nylon vests, which they wore at all times, to keep the equipment in place.  During the experimental sessions, the monkeys were confined in restraint chairs and trained to press levers to receive nicotine infusions.

This particular study, which began in 2014, has resulted in the death of four monkeys.  The cause of death is being investigated.

The Jane Goodall Institute and WCWP applaud the suspension of the study, calling the action “a profoundly positive development.”  The FDA was sued by WCWP for failing to provide properly requested information.

Nicotine addiction has been well documented and studied by a number of groups, such as the National Institute for Health, since at least 1994.  In rebuttal, the FDA claims that studies on nicotine addiction “deserve close scrutiny and require the use of animals.”

As reported here, the WCWP is continuing to pursue the collapse of funding for many federal animal experimentation projects, including the use of beagles in research labs. If, in fact, this experiment is permanently dissolved, the FDA has pledged to

 “identify an alternative home that can provide the monkeys with appropriate long-term care.”

ShelterMe.tv thanks Ms. Goodall for her continuing contribution to supporting the welfare of our planet.  This link will take you to the newest episode of ShelterMe.tv, featuring Ms. Goodall, and her program to protect endangered species in Africa!


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    Stop it..

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    No more torture and murder!!

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    Thank you to all who have helped shut down yet another project that continues to torture animals and is completely unnecessary.

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    Thank you so much for lending your name to the stop of these horrible experiments on these wonderful animals. And also many thanks for all the volunteers ‼️
    Such an awesome “win” for all🌸🌼🌸
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