Forget The Flowers, Animal Shelter Will Deliver A Puppy On Valentine’s Day

An animal shelter in Vermont is offering up a special Valentine’s treat for people who are more enamored with fur, than flowers. The Windham County Humane Society will deliver a puppy-gram on February 14. Yes, a real live, steal your heart adorable puppy…complete with a specialized card, to surprise that special someone in your life.


Shelter puppies will even be fitted with little “delivery backpacks” in case they need to bring something extra special (an engagement ring perhaps?) to the lucky recipient.

According to the shelter, puppies, who are accompanied by a shelter representative, get to stay, play, and snuggle with the recipient for 30 minutes.

So what does it cost to give perhaps the best Valentine’s Day gift ever? Just $50 (puppy breath is included, free of charge). Deliveries can be made to homes or offices in Brattleboro, Vernon, Putney, Newfane, Dummerston, or Guilford.

According to the Reformer, proceeds from the puppy-grams will benefit the animal shelter, and the creative event will hopefully encourage area residents to learn more about the humane society and the various programs which they offer. Spots are limited, so sign up now via or call the shelter at 802-254-2232.

(Images via Pixabay and Windham County Humane Society)

Find the website for the Windham County Humane Society at this link.

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