Former Addict Turns Life Around Saving Dogs And Offering Hope to Others

A 34-year-old New York man has turned his life around by helping others. Michael Favor battled the demons of drug addiction for 12 years before he found something that helped him break free – rescuing animals. Favor built a training facility on a piece of donated land and now his life’s mission is to provide a second chance to dogs (and other animals) who have been cast aside by society.

Favor founded the No More Pain Rescue (aka Pit bulls and Addicts) in May, and now his life has a purpose – one which helps him, and others, stay on the right path. He told NY1, “I live for my animals. I really do. I wake up — no matter what time I go to sleep, I wake up at 6 o’clock in the morning because I know I have dogs here.” According to Pix 11, other volunteers at the rescue center are also recovering addicts – he said, “It worked for me, and I’m willing to open it up to anyone who needs help.”

The rescue group began helping dogs, but now, they are open to assisting any animal in need. On the agency’s website, the mission statement reads:

No More Pain Rescue is dedicated to helping animals in need. Whether they are dogs, cats, ferrets, goats, or pigs, if we’re able to rescue them we will.

Recently, the rescue group has even taken in puppies from Puerto Rico. On December 8, the rescue posted to Facebook about the imminent arrival of five puppies from the hurricane impacted area:

We’ve been trying to get these babies to us for a very long time but due to the hurricane we couldn’t get them flights. Well, there are 2 more that we will not leave behind!

No More Pain Rescue provides Favor with the “high he was searching for.” The high that comes from helping others, rather than hurting himself. Learn more about the rescue group at this link to the No More Pain Rescue website.

No More Pain Rescue on Facebook here.

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Penny Eims

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