Girl Scout Troop Gives Puppy Room A Makeover

An animal shelter in Georgia received a much needed makeover in their puppy room this month. Thanks to a creative shelter volunteer, and some hardworking girls with Girl Scout Troop 10100, the puppy room at the LaGrange Troup County Humane Society went from drab to fab.

Linda Couto, Executive Director of the animal shelter, explained to Shelter Me how the creative endeavor, spearheaded by volunteer Mandi Bono, went from being an awesome idea, to a fun reality:

The makeover was the idea of our volunteer Mandi Bono. We actually had no idea what she had in mind, but being the creative person she is, we knew it would be great. She went to Home Depot and asked for a donation of paint and they gladly gave. Then so as not to keep asking them, she went to our local Sherwin Williams store and donated the primary colors for her to use. Then for the supplies they gave us a huge discount.

Mandi was the master artist, and the girls with Troop 10100 added their painting efforts to bring the whimsical designs to life. Mandi ensured that every detail was taken care of; Couto told Shelter Me:

Mandi and her friend, Sonja Barfield then did the finishing touches but that wasn’t all. Sonja went to Home Depot again and got the flooring paint donated, garage paint. She then recruited her husband, Kevin and he came in one day and did the floor.


Thanks to the generous businesses that donated supplies, the puppy room makeover, which was completed this week, cost the shelter less than $35. Suffice to say, the renovated area,  with its cheery works of art, are a hit; Cuoto told Shelter Me:

Captain Pheil, with the LaGrange Police Department who is over the City Shelter, where we are located came in today and just loved what he saw. We are all so happy with the outcome. Our organization, the LaGrange Troup County Humane Society survives on volunteers, they are our heart and soul and we wouldn’t be near where we are today without them.

Find the shelter’s Facebook page here. Find the website for LaGrange Troup County Humane Society here.

(Photos contributed to Shelter Me)

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  1. Brenda Vogler says:

    The girls did a beautiful thing for the dogs who live in the shelter! Thank you girls!

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