Good News For ‘World’s Saddest Dog’

It goes without saying that there are countless “sad dogs” in animal shelters across the nation, but few have generated the interest of dog named “Lana,” aka “The Saddest Dog In The World.”

Lana, a retriever mix who was born to a street dog in Mexico, has had a tough time finding and keeping a home. Though she is young, she has been rescued, adopted, returned, adopted again, and sadly, sent back to a boarding facility in Ontario, Canada, yet again after repeated issues with resource guarding.

Recently, Lana was featured in The Dodo, who reported that the sad dog was in need of a forever home by May 20th. Once again, the internet was set on fire as Lisa Burchell’s photo of sad Lana (which first catapulted her to fame back in 2015) began to circulate on social media – in fact, Lana’s heartbreaking story was shared so much that the website for Rescue Dogs Match (the organization which has taken Lana under its wing) temporarily crashed – as did their Facebook page.  The rescue group addressed the “volume” issue on May 13:

We want to thank everyone for all their positive emails. We want to be able to respond to all of them but our email has been deactivated by google due to the high volume of emails.

But it seems that the outpouring of attention, and the flood of adoption applications, may have resulted in another home for Lana – ideally, a permanent home. On May 14, Rescue Dogs Match updated eager Facebook followers with the news:

Drum roll please: Lana has a new forever home. Due to Mothers day we will make a more detailed post tomorrow.

Though the rescue agency has indicated that an adoption update is coming, nothing has officially been released as of Tuesday (May 16).

Lana’s ideal home was described as somewhere that she could spend time doing a job, outside, with a mature person (or couple). Her perfect home would have a set routine with owners committed to training and keeping her separated from other dogs during feeding time (or around toys!). The rescue organization indicated that three applications had been chosen for Lana’s “forever home” and that they would be working to select the ideal situation from those three.

Details on the actual home will hopefully be forthcoming soon.

(Image Lisa Burchell and Rescue Dogs Match)

Watch a heartwarming video, a Poem To My Foster Dog, here.

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Penny Eims

Penny is a freelance writer who provided content to her National Dog News column at for 8 years. She is a current contributor to Fido Friendly Magazine, as well as a newly formed website, Pet Rescue Report. Penny is married and she has two rescued German shepherds and two kids.


  1. Rosie Travens says:

    I thank God each and every day for ALL the “HumanAngels” out there in this world! I pray Lana will be kept safe and be happy with her new family! God Bless you for making room for precious Lana!

    1. Julieanne says:

      Hi rose yes it is good news am so glad Lana has a forever home I would of had her but am in the UK I would of come of got her bless her at last she happy .rose why can’t they do the same for Cody and Fiona and put it all over the news the world I have tried to get reporter to do the story on then in the us but don’t know any names .

  2. Barbara Walker says:

    So happy a loving family got this sweet baby !!i hope had lots of love forever !! ❤️🙏🙏

  3. Grace Kopp says:

    I can’t be and feel more happy for this sweet female dog Lana….Thank you too those who were interested in giving her the live she was looking for since long time ago and no one was able to provide her. Ohhh My….this news MADE MY DAY!-I live in an small apartment, I really wanted her but I knew It couldnt be so I was paying for her…I was paying and praying, God heard me…I am so HAPPY FOR HER!!!! Thank you new parents!!!!

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