Good Samaritan Helps Rescue 2 Dogs Dumped During the Height of Hurricane Matthew

Thanks to the quick actions of a Good Samaritan, two dogs dumped on the side of the road inside a crate in Tampa during the height of Hurricane Matthew now have a chance at a new life.

Francesca and Casanova before rescue

Susan Stanley was just waking up when she looked out of her window and saw two scared Yorkie/Lhasa Apso mix pups abandoned in the pouring rain just across the street. The dogs had large mats of fur and appeared to have been neglected for some time. Susan stated in an October 7 interview with ABC Action News

“On my Facebook, I posted some pictures of them out in the middle of the street cause that’s where they were like waiting for mom and dad to come back and pick them up again.”

Susan did her best to coax the pups into her yard. When that proved unsuccessful, Susan contacted the Humane Society of Tampa, who immediately sent out one of their employees.

According to Pam Backer with the Humane Society of Tampa, the pups were running in the streets are were at risk of being hit by a car. Now named Francesca and Casanova, the two were deemed healthy and will get a major trim before going up for adoption sometime after October 12.

Casanova & Francesca
Casanova & Francesca

Thank you, Susan, for taking time during the deadly storm to save two little dogs in need. And thank you to Humane Society of Tampa for taking on their care until a forever home can be found. Hopefully, Casanova and Francesa can be adopted together. Updates will be posted on their blog.

Elisa Taylor

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