Good Samaritan Who Rescued Abused Puppy Is Now His New Mom

The Good Samaritan who followed the sounds of a puppy being abused to a nearby apartment was surprised last week when she learned the rescued pup would be the newest addition to her family when she officially became his new mom.

Heather Frazer of Tempe, Arizona had heard Raine’s cries for weeks, but couldn’t figure out where they were coming from. One day she followed the sounds, which she described as “blood curdling and scary,” to a neighbor’s apartment.

Raine was beaten with an iron rod (AHS)

The Tempe Police Department was called and Raine was rescued after being badly beaten with an iron rod. When police went back the next day to investigate, two abused cats, ages two and six, were removed from the home.

Raines owner, Shundong Hu, 21, was allowed into this country from China and is a student at Arizona State University. He was taken to Tempe City Jail on January 4 on suspicion of felony animal-cruelty charges and booked on a $5,000 bond.

Raine was rushed to 1st Pet Veterinary Hospital and placed under the care of Arizona Humane Society (AHS), where it was determined the three to four-month-old pup suffered multiple skull and cheekbone fractures, swelling of both eyes, multiple cuts on the front shoulder and on top of the head, and a broken canine tooth. He then went into foster care until he healed enough to go up for adoption.

Raine in foster care (AHS)

More than 300 applications we filled out from people asking to adopt Raine. It was initially announced by AHS that due to such a large number of potential adopters, a drawing of qualified adopters would have their names put into a bowl and a winner drawn.

The drawing never took place after it was realized Heather would give little Raine the perfect home. AHS issued a statement in a January 27 press conference on how they chose Heather out of the hundreds who offered Raine a forever home

“One brave woman spent weeks searching for the source of the heartbreaking howls and cries, and she helped lead the police to the criminal responsible for Raine’s injuries. She also led police to two other pets, cats who were in need of extreme medical care. She’s a hero. She saved his life. And she wanted to be his mom. We’re not going to hold a drawing for Raine. The woman who saved his life is going to continue to give him a great one. It’s an extraordinary case, and this is an extraordinary situation and we feel that this is the right thing to do. Our hope is this story will inspire everyone in our community to report animal abuse. Victims depend on us, and we depend on the community to help be their voice.”

Heather was called to AHS on January 27, where she thought she was meeting Raine for an update. It was there she learned she wasn’t only the pup’s hero, she would be Raine’s new mom. In an interview with Fox 5 News, Heather was ecstatic about her new family member saying

“I didn’t know it would be a possibility, but it’s really not describable, it’s amazing.”

Detective Richard Fairclough of the Tempe Police Department told Fox 5 that if you hear something, please call police or the humane society and they’ll send out officers to investigate. Both agencies are very diligent at responding and will respond multiple times if they feel an animal is in danger.

Arrest record

Raine was fortunate to be found in time, as were the two cats. The two-year-old cat rescued from the home underwent eye removal surgery, and the six-year-old cat is undergoing dental procedures. Both will be up for adoption when deemed healthy enough for a permanent home.

Elisa Taylor

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    She is a hero , those animals would not be here today.animal abuses hold be made a crime just like attempted murder.i can only hope that the abuser is punished to the fullest extent.send him back to china……he don’t deserve to be in this country.

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