Guests Get To Cuddle With This San Francisco Hotel’s Canine Operating Officer

Guests staying at San Francisco’s Hotel Nikko have the opportunity to snuggle with their COO…Buster, who has been the official Canine Operating Officer since 2015. So what exactly does Buster do? He’s the official spreader of canine joy…guests who may be missing their own pet, or who simply adore the company of dogs, can pick up the phone and ask the front desk for some Buster time.

A guest recently Tweeted about the unique opportunity at Hotel Nikko:

“The hotel I’m staying at puts a stuffed puppy on the bed. They allow their guests to dial the operator and they will bring the REAL pup to your room.”

Evan’s Tweet was only partially accurate (he clarified in a subsequent Tweet) – guests can call the front desk to schedule time with Buster, the amiable pooch isn’t actually delivered to a guest’s room. And, if a guest decides to take the stuffed puppy from their room home, funds from their purchase are donated to a local animal shelter (win win!).

When Buster isn’t hanging out with a guest, or playing with a guest’s dog at the hotel’s dog-run area, you might find him welcoming people at the front desk. Wherever you do find him, you are sure to find happy people, and an abundance of smiles.

Get your daily dose of Buster at one of his popular social media accounts:

Buster (@nikkopupsf) on Instagram here.

Buster’s Facebook page here.

Buster’s Twitter account here.

The Hotel Nikko is a dog-friendly hotel in San Francisco, CA. All dogs ( sixty pounds or less ) that check in receive dog beds, bowls and treats! The hotel also has a newly renovated patio area complete with a dog-run open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. for your convenience! Read more about Buster and San Francisco Hotel Nikko here.

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