Hero Dog Missing Since Thwarting Home Invasion Has Died After Being Hit By Car

Kyle Green of Taylors, South Carolina heard a ‘big thud’ on the night of December 19. A home invasion, thwarted by Kyle’s 4-year-old boxer Raz, has ended with the death of his best friend after a search lasting just under two weeks.

Kyle credits Raz with saving his life (Facebook)

The suspect had entered one of the bedrooms of Kyle’s Edgemont Complex apartment after kicking in the apartment door. While Kyle thought he was dreaming, Raz knew this was a real and dangerous situation and the faithful dog went into attack mode.

Raz jumped at the intruder, and the suspect fired one gunshot that hit Kyle’s pillow. Then Kyle shot back and missed the intruder. Raz chased the suspect out the door, running too far for Kyle to track him down.

Kyle and his dad Ted spent the day searching for Raz, but the canine hero was nowhere to be found. A reward was offered and a Facebook page was set up titled Help Bring Raz Home. Over the next week, Raz was spotted everywhere from Heartsdale Road, Windward Way, Phillips Road, Hudson Road, to other areas near the Devenger Road.

With more than 1,000 supporters following the story, as well as physically searching for Raz, the bad news was announced by the family Friday night that Raz had been hit by a car and killed.

“Hello Friends,

We received a call telling us that Raz was hit by a car this evening. The emergency room doctor did everything he could possibly do to save our hero. It is with an extremely heavy heart I have to tell you that Raz did not make it. We as a family want to thank you for your hours of help, prayers and support. Please keep praying for Kyle, Brian, and our family as we seek closure and take time to privately grieve for Raz. Please do not call or text Kyle this evening. As you can imagine he is devastated!

Thank you again from the Green Family”

Several days were spent pulling together the equipment needed for an intensive search, with much borrowed from members of the community. A GoFundMe has been created to help cover the cost to buy that equipment so Paved Paws Animal League, the Upstate rescue who worked tirelessly to help find Raz, can respond more quickly and have a higher probability of getting missing dogs back home with their families if they have the equipment in-house.

It would be a wonderful legacy for this beautiful dog if we can remember Raz in this way. Funds are also being sought via the fundraiser to help cover Kyle losing a week at work to search for his hero.

Rest in peace, Raz. Your bravery, along with how you joined this Upstate community, will never be forgotten. Please keep the Green family in your thoughts and prayers as they get through this devastating loss.


Elisa Taylor

Elisa’s articles have helped save thousands of the shelter pets she writes about, along with animal welfare and cruelty case articles which are published on Pictures-of-cats.org as well as her personal website at Nationalcatexaminer.com (National Cat Reporter). Elisa lives with her daughter and a multitude of cats (including one cat­-dog named Cujo). As a writing “addict” Elisa enjoys sharing interesting stories with other animal lovers.


  1. jerry says:

    RIP “RAZ”. A true K9 HERO.

  2. Julie says:

    This is the saddest thing ever. So many people tried desperately to get Raz home. I am so sorry for his owner.

  3. Patsy A. Matthews says:

    Wonderful story Elisa Taylor n it needs to go viral so others can help to get run a way animals home safe ! Thank you

    1. Elisa Taylor says:

      I’m trying! I’ve been sharing it everywhere I know to share today. Keep on clicking on the article and hitting that Facebook icon above Raz’s beautiful photo.

  4. Tracie Burton says:

    Thank you so much for writing this Elisa. The community outpouring was like nothing I have ever experienced. Not the ending we wanted, and many hearts have been broken, especially Kyle’s, but the continued outpouring of love from the community continues. Thank you again. May God bless you!

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