Hollywood Director Kevin Smith Adopts Emaciated Dog, Promises She “Came To The Right House”

And the Oscar for best Facebook post about a just-adopted dog by a famous Hollywood director goes to Kevin Smith.

This past weekend, the Clerks director, star, and writer, his wife Jennifer, and their daughter — actor and animal advocate Harley Quinn — took home a dog who’d been found in terrible shape in Los Angeles.

The dog was described as “starving, neglected, no chip. Young and VERY sweet” by the good people who discovered her — and set about getting her into a home.

“And suddenly we were that home,” Smith wrote, “And boy did she come to the right house: dogs get fat on my watch!”

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Here’s the whole, lovely note:

Meet Madmartigan – a rescue dog we adopted yesterday. My wife Jen saw a ‪#‎wehodaily‬ Tweet about a malnourished, skeletal street dog that needed a home and suddenly, we were that home. At 20 pounds underweight, she looks like one of those dogs you see on donation cans in grocery stores – or the scared dog from the cemetery on the ‪#‎HauntedMansion‬ ride.

The poor kid’s skin is hardened from living on curbs and she’s missing teeth from apparently being so starved, she chewed rocks. She’s very weak but also very sweet. And boy did she come to the right house: dogs get fat on my watch! I suggested we call her ‪#‎madmartigan‬ after the character played by ‪#‎valkilmer‬ in ‪#‎Willow‬ because, like her namesake, she was found tied up on the side of the road (and because I suspect she’s secretly the greatest swordsman that ever lived).

Marty’s a heartbreaker and a survivor. I’m hoping we can fatten up this pup and put years between her and what I can only guess has been a hellish life (@harleyquinnsmith_ listed some heartbreaking details about the dog’s condition in her post about Madmartigan).

But for the moment, she’s sleeping on soft beds and rebuilding her strength while surrounded by folks who only just met her but love her nonetheless. So many souls fall between the cracks in this world. But not this one. Not today. ‪#‎KevinSmith‬

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We love what Smith’s daughter Harley Quinn wrote on Instagram about the adoption, too — celebrating Madmartigan becoming part of the family, and encouraging others to go and adopt pets of their own.

“This dog is so thankful for the kindness shown to her it’s heart melting and just goes to show how much compassion can mean to an animal,” she wrote:

She couldn’t be any sweeter or more appreciative so please let this be an example to you that adopting/rescuing is not only an amazing thing to do for an animal in need, but it’s just such a rewarding experience to change a living being’s life simply by showing affection and being kind.

OK, so maybe we’ll give out two Oscars this year for best post about a just-adopted dog.

Enjoy your fantastic new life as a plump spoiled pet, Madmartigan. You deserve every beautiful bit of it.

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(And for the Clerks fans out there: our love for this adoption story is like a truck, BERZERKER!)

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Arin Greenwood

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  1. Sharon Williams says:

    She’s a lucky one <3 . So many are euthanized . I wish people would stop breeding them . Rescues are loaded with Pits .

  2. D Sweet says:

    God Bless you! You will be rewarded over & over!! Thank you for saving this sweethearts life!!

  3. denise says:

    Brilliant and beautiful. ……

  4. Leah Palmer says:

    I wish there were more people like you out there willing and able to take dogs off the streets. God bless you all. ?? 🙂

  5. Kaseigh Long says:

    If there was ever a “Cinderella” story, I think this would be it!!!!

  6. Irene F. Sanglitan says:

    Thank you for your kindness for taking in this poor dog into your family! God bless your goodness and have a good life for all of you!

  7. Keith says:

    Oh,.. I love this… Not only is he on the list of all time funny actors/directors, now on my all time humanitarians!!! Awesome!!!! ???

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