Homeless Hamster Gets A Tiny Sweater

Homeless hamster gets a special gift

The Oregon Humane Society takes in homeless creatures both large and small – recently, a hairless hamster named “Silky” found herself in the care of the shelter after her family moved and was unable to take her along.

In a press release from the Oregon Humane Society,  Diana Gabaldon, OHS staffer, described the reason that this one-year-old hamster is hairless:

Silky is hairless due to a genetic mutation.

She added:

While she isn’t fluffy like a normal hamster, she is just as cuddly and playful as any other hamster. She does need to be kept in a heated environment, especially during the winter, and have a higher protein diet to keep her warm.”


Little Silky found herself in exceptionally good hands at the shelter – in fact, her sweet demeanor quickly won over staff and volunteers.

Selene Mejia, one of the shelter’s Animal Care Technicians, was so taken by Silky, and her tiny hairless body, that she was spurred to action after seeing the little hamster huddled in the corner of her cage.


Mejia decided that Silky was in need of a her own sweater, so she went to work to crochet one that would perfectly fit the hamster’s little body.

Now, though Silky spends most of her time “au naturale,” she can slip into her cozy sweater for special occasions.


Silky not only received exceptional care while she was at the shelter, including her rather awesome sweater, but her sweet story was picked up by several media outlets and the publicity ultimately resulted in her adoption.

According to the Oregon Humane Society, Portland resident Matthew Sears read about Silky and decided that he had to meet her. According to the shelter, Sears quickly fell in love.

Silky’s adopter commented on his experience with the shelter, “I had a wonderful experience visiting the shelter. If anyone ever feels bad they should visit there and meet all the happy people. Even if I had not adopted, it was a good experience, there was so much love.”

Silky’s new owner was given a care package, and of course, her special sweater…because a hamster with no hair could use some special help on occasion.

Find the Oregon Humane Society here.




Penny Eims

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    Awwww I would love to have that bundle of adorable ???
    So cute wish I still lived in Portland Oregon
    I would give him the life he’s never had and always be proud of my new baby

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