Homeless Man’s Sign, ‘Dog In Pound, Need Help’…And Someone Did Help

Dog in Pound, Need Help

Last week, a homeless man in Texas held a simple cardboard sign which read, “Dog in pound, need help.” The man, and his sign, caught the attention of a stranger who was out running errands in Huntsville, Texas, on September 26.

The stranger, a woman named Wilma, of Mr. K’s Pet Shelter, risked the wrath of other drivers to stop and ask the man about his sign, and what exactly he was in need of. The man told Wilma that he needed $120 to get his dog out of the local animal shelter.

Wilma had no funds immediately available to help the man, so she set out to see what she could do to help make his sad situation better. Her first order of business was calling the shelter to find out if the man’s story was true – and she discovered that indeed it was. The “pound” informed her that the man’s dog appeared to be in good health and that the $120 which was needed was the result of the impound fee, a rabies shot, and a heartworm test.

Wilma returned to the man and learned that his name is Patrick, and that he is only 30 years old. She also discovered that his dog was taken when he was jailed for two days for trespassing.

After learning more about Patrick’s story, she took him to the shelter to retrieve his dog, whose name is “Fred Frederick.” Wilma said that Patrick had tears in his eyes when he was reunited with his canine companion, and Fred Frederick was so overcome with joy when he saw Patrick that he was shaking.

Homeless man's dog

Patrick tried to give Wilma the money that he has collected before she stepped in to help, but she refused – wanting him to have the chance to spend the small amount on dinner instead.

Wilma commented on her decision to help this stranger and his dog:

We’ve all been in a bad situation in our life so remember always pay it forward you never know who that person might be that you help but I know for a fact that man loves his dog.

She added:

Sometimes you just have to dig deeper and do what’s right in your heart.

Dog and man reunited

Patrick and his four-legged friend are back together, but Wilma wishes that she could do more. She said,

I wish I had the money to get the man a room for a week and let him regroup him and Frederick but unfortunately I don’t all I can do is give him his dog and pray that life gives the man a break.

Read more of Wilma’s story here. Find Mr. K’s Pet Shelter here.



Penny Eims

Penny is a freelance writer who provided content to her National Dog News column at Examiner.com for 8 years. She is a current contributor to Fido Friendly Magazine, as well as a newly formed website, Pet Rescue Report. Penny is married and she has two rescued German shepherds and two kids.


  1. Wilma says:

    I just wanted you to know that thank you for your story it was a wonderful story and this is Wilma I’m very disturbed over that Lindsay character who is a scam artist and a nutcase she said up that GoFundMe which was a scam on her part we believe GoFundMe is going to refund everybody their money so we’re trying to raise the money she had to match with the money I have just to let you all know she used my pictures and the story was just so sad he was just starting to believe again and she snatches it away

    1. Cindy Gray says:

      This is such a heart wrenching story for me. I also have rescued many.
      I tried to donate last night but my internet connection was not working.
      I am so sorry the funds for this poor young man and his dog were maliciously misdirected by a thief. It made a sad story so tragic. And thank you and another poster here for clarifying where to donate. I will go directly to Wilma Price’s site http://mrkspetshelter.org/donate/ . I am glad it has PayPal.
      Wilma, I thank you for being an angel. I can’t contribute much, But I hope other souls can pitch in just a little to help this man and his little dog.
      Knoxville, Tennessee.

      1. Wilma says:

        Thank you so so much I am praying that everybody will know that I had nothing to do with that go fund me account and will donate to my page so I can continue to help him I’m very sad and Disturbed over this I’m praying that the lady that with this article we’ll see what’s going on and maybe she can make an update on the story that would be 9 kinds of Awesome he deserves the chance hmmm Franklin are wonderful and I truly don’t believe that somebody should be given up hope and it yanked Away by a thief and God bless you and again thank you so much

        1. Cindy G says:

          So sad ….

          1. Wilma says:


        2. Kristin says:

          Is it too late to help Patrick?

  2. F Collins says:

    I have followed this story from the start. Before anyone accuses me of being a friend or acquaintance of either Wilma or Patrick let me state that I have never met these individuals and actually live on the opposite side of the country. Wilma runs a respectable, long standing 501 (c) (3) non profit animal shelter. Patrick’s back story and the situation concerning his dog Franklin, which I confirmed, is correct. Recently, it was discovered that another woman, not known by either Wilma or Patrick set up a GoFundMe campaign using Wilma and Patrick’s story and pictures [lifted from Wilma’s FB] to supposedly collect donations to aid Patrick and Franklin. The woman collected nearly 3000.00 before GFM shut her down after she changed the campaign mid-stream to benefit someone else. It would appear that the intent was to use a true story of kindness and generosity for profit. Now imagine that you have stopped to help someone that you felt moved to show compassion for, who is already struggling and then someone else comes along and uses your generosity for their own personal gain. Not to mention that it is cruel to hold out hope and support to someone, anyone and then have them watch it evaporate before their eyes due to someones selfishness. It is heartbreaking. I for one have donated money to Patrick and Franklin via Wilma’s rescue site http://mrkspetshelter.org/donate/ I paid using my paypal. I have had confirmation that the funds were received and given to Patrick. I hope that everyone can find it within themselves to reach out and be helpful, caring and loving. I donated not only because it helps them but because it helps me also…to be a better person. Peace to all!

    1. Wilma says:


      1. Deb franzen says:

        How someone can be that greedy to steal from a homeless person is just sicken, dosnt go fund me have any way of tracking this? I know this is not the first I heard of it either, someone did it to a family stole all their pictures off Facebook and made them their own family, one of the children had cancer, this greet person went as far as faking death of the mother and child to get more money. The family was never on go fund me. And their child did not die. Neither did the mother. What horrible thing to see someone did about your family. Hell. Hope they enjoy enturnady there cause that’s where I believe they will go.

        1. Wilma says:

          Yeah it’s been a nightmare but we got that part taken care of now we’re working on dead things and him and Franklin are doing so wonderful and he’s working on getting a new start on life and he’s also help me with animal rescue he is a very old console if anybody does want to help they can go to my web page http://mrkspetshelter.org

        2. Cindy G says:

          This gofundme debacle that was criminally hijacked from this sad young man and helpless dog needs more attention. So many people rushed to help on the site and were alarmed instead of the hacked and draining of so many who wanted to help. I do not know if the young man was able to escape from his dire circumstances. I did contact Wilma, the angel who helped the sad homeless man and dog. She is an overwhelmed rescuer herself trying to help so many dogs. I was humbled by going through her facebook pages. I pray for the health and stamina for Wilma and her healing hands to have brought this story to light. It needs a continuity of the exposure of the internet thievery that can happen in these cases. Wilma’ s photography touched so many healing souls in the world. But the outcome of the story I do not know. There are so many dogs that end up abandoned and lost in shelters but I am glad through Wilma’s efforts this sad man and dog were reunited and given some peace even if only for a while.

          1. Wilma says:

            Yeah it’s been totally crazy there are really some ugly nasty people out there but all you can do is pray for them and we set up another GoFundMe which is took off wonderful for him that I’m running and also we’re asking people to donate to my animals because I have been overrun with people needing help so any donations towards the animals are greatly appreciated but Patrick is going to be fantastic on my Facebook under Wilma price Houston Texas you can get all the updates on him he even went on animal rescue with me in Corpus Christi Texas last week and he is so awesome with animals it’s unbelievable if you’d like to help please go to my website http://mrkspetshelter.org. and God bless you

          2. Cindy G says:

            I just went on your go fund me, Wilma. I see everyone has found it. God Bless!
            For those still looking, it is found under Wilma Price in animal causes, with attention to Patrick and Franklin. Franklin looks like a different dog now, as co-pilot on the animal rescue run you and Patrick went on. Such a great change,!

        3. Cindy G says:

          I answered before noting Wilma’s response. Glad to see the story continued ok for the young man and his dog. Wilma thank you again!

  3. Jim says:

    Also, if you go on Wilma’s page, she is friends with Patrick on Facebook. I was able to message him and I was able to Western Union some money to him. So that may be an option for some.

  4. Vickie Huntley says:

    You gave me faith again in the human spirit. You did a wonderful thing for Patrick and his beloved Frederick. May God Bless You.

  5. Shirley says:

    I too applaud you for your kindness. In. Today’s world a person wouldn’t know if it was true or a scam. So sad it’s that way. Bless you Wilma for all your kindness to a stranger and his companion dog. If there is a fund for them, I would like to contribute to help them get back on their feet.

    1. Wilma says:

      Hi Shirley yes you can go to my website which is for my homeless animals sending the message but after you make your donation you say it’s for Patrick and Franklin and it will be given to them anything you can do to help them is greatly appreciated http://mrkspetshelter.org

  6. Donna says:

    What a wonderful story. Miss Wilma you are an Angel here on earth.
    I am praying for this young man and his dog.
    I sent you an email on how to donate to them.

    1. Wilma says:

      Hi Donna this is when I think I answered your email back if I didn’t please email me again any help for them is greatly appreciated

  7. Kim says:

    Where is this man from? If he needs a place to renew his life with his companion I have an extra room and 3 little pooches that would love to meet Franklin. I’m on the coast in Mississippi

    1. Violet says:

      You are so sweet to offer up part of your living space. Someone said Wilma is friends with him, you will be able to find him in her friends list to message him. What a good heart you have!

  8. Susan says:

    Thanks for caring Wilma. That was a beautiful thing you did. And bringing light to Patrick and Fred Fredericks predicament is making the good go even further.

  9. gay johnson says:

    Will you keep us updated and let us know if Patrick takes the job working on the remodel and if he and Frederick/Franklin have a place to stay. It sounds like he has a lot of people wishing him the best, and I do too. I would be devastated if I were away from my dogs for any length of time…

  10. Nicko says:

    Would love to donate to Patrick. Anyone know how? Maybe through the shelter 🙂
    God Bless them all!!

      1. Jannice says:

        Christina, after digging into Wilma’s post, it was clearly said the gofundme page was not giving Patrick his collected money. It’s best and safer to donate directly to the shelter.

        1. Wilma says:

          He is working on to get it switch to his name but nothing’s in stone till he has it really scary people can do that so easy and this disappear and they can take the money without people even really knowing it that’s crazy but I’m praying that he does get it

      2. Andrea says:

        This campaign does NOT have anything to do with Wilma and is very suspicious

      3. Wilma says:

        The go fund me page was a scam Patrick has not received any of that money we are asking everybody to ask for a refund back on it GoFundMe is undecided if they were going to release it to him or return the money we believe it would be best just to return the money the lady was just a nutcase and scam artists if anybody wants to donate to Patrick and Franklin you can go to my website for my animals and on the message page write to Franklin and Patrick http://mrkspetshelter.org

    1. Tracy says:

      Yes, donate directly to shelter. Let them know it’s for Fred ??

    2. Wilma says:

      You can make a donation to him at my website and just let me know it’s for Patrick and he will get it I do homeless animals but I’m helping Patrick and frankly any help at all is greatly appreciated http://mrkspetshelter.org

    3. Wilma says:

      Hi this is Wilma if anybody is still wanting to help him you can go to my website to make a donation I’m just now getting through all the messages you can go to http://mrkspetshelter.org Google find me the lighting setup was the scam I’m praying everybody gets their money back from the GoFundMe Patrick has it been notified yet if the GoFundMe is going to release it to him or refund everybody’s money we believe they will refund everybody’s money so if anybody would like to donate to him you can go directly to my website and in the message part you put for Patrick and Franklin and it will go to him that is my website for my homeless animals

  11. Lesley Van Biljon says:

    I have known Wilma for many years, and she had always put the animals needs before her own. Patrick was very fortunate that it was she who drove past him that day, as I’m sure hundreds of people had driven past him that day but it was Wilma who had the compassion and heart to stop and find out what his story was. Sometimes people need a hand up, not a hand out, and this is a story that should influence others not to be so judgemental of what we have no clue about but to take the time out and ask, WHAT IS YOUR STORY. Thanks Wilma for giving him a second chance. Your animals are blessed to have a rescuer like you in their corner. This is a rescue worth donating.

    1. Wilma says:

      Love you

  12. Sharon Kittinger-Murphy says:

    I’ve known Wilma for about 15 years… and I’ve seen first hand the sacrifices she’s made for the animals who have found their way to her. What Wilma wont tell anyone is that she asked for donations for Patrick and Franklin when she desperately needs every dime for the basic care and operation of the shelter that she’s been operating for as long as I’ve known her.

    Wilma works so very hard every day… yet she used her time, some of her money, and she contacted all of her resources and urged them to help Patrick and Franklin, when she really could have used the help herself. Regardless of the obstacles she has faced over the years that I’ve known her (and there have been so many!) she has never given up on the animals and she has always helped people too.

    If I ever win the lotto, Wilma and Mr. K’s animal shelter will get a huge chunk of that! Until then, I will keep doing what I can for her, when I can… I’ll always tell other people about the kind of person she is and what she’s done! Wilma is a guardian angel for homeless, injured, and unwanted animals… and obviously for Patrick and Franklin too!

    I wish Wilma, the animals in her shelter, Patrick and Franklin the very best of all things!

    1. Wilma says:

      Love you

  13. Tammy Zaluzney says:

    Thank you Wilma, for helping Patrick and Franklin and for inspiring others to get involved too. “We cannot help pets without helping people, as it is upon people that pets rely.”
    ~ And We Danced
    (A novel by Tammy Zaluzney)

  14. Kirsten says:

    What a wonderful story to read, thank you Wilma for your kind heart. I hope the future brings Patrick and Frederick more good things….

  15. Andrea says:

    There is a gofundme page set up that does not have any relation to Wilma. I had my donation to that page reversed and sent it to Wilmas rescue so that I knew it would go to Patrick.

    1. Wilma says:

      Thank you very much no that GoFundMe has nothing to do with me I just pray he gets the money

  16. Amy Tekely says:

    So I am wondering if they found a safe place ? I am in south ft worth and would love help them both! If Wilma could contact me , maybe we can get them a safe place at least for a month or so to help him find a job ! trulyfree2be@gmail.com
    I have a huge fenced yard and three bedroom house I am remodeling! I could use a laborer ! That’s should at least get him starTed on a path to a new life for him and his puppy

    1. Cheryl says:

      That is an awesome offer. Please reach out further if you don’t get a response. You’re a gift from heaven.

    2. Lottie says:


      1. Andrea says:

        I’m so glad I reversed my donation and sent it to Wilma instead.

      2. Dreama Chaney says:

        Yes thank you.. please get the word out don’t donate to the go fund me..
        Donate to Wilma’s shelter and indicate it is for Patrick and Franklin ( Fredrick is incorrect)

      3. Wilma says:

        He is in contact with her it took a lot to get in contact with her all we can do is hope and pray he gets the funds from there cuz that is a good amount of money and with the money obviously that would help him get a new start filming Franklin

      4. Wilma says:

        So true we’re asking everybody to get a refund from GoFundMe so very sad situation if you would like to go and donate to Patrick and Franklin they can still use it you can use my website for my homeless animals and in the message box too smart for Patrick and Franklin so I know it’s for them and not for my homeless animals http://mrkspetshelter.org

    3. Sarah says:

      Amy, if you could do that I think angels would dance! If you follow this link from Wilma’s shelter page, her phone and email contact is on there. I bet you could make this happen! http://mrkspetshelter.org/contact-us/

      1. Wilma says:

        Thank you very much yes I’ve been in existence since the nineties and done rescue and pet sitting since the nineties I am doing everything I can to help Patrick and Franklin

    4. Sharon Kittinger-Murphy says:

      Amy, Wilma collected funds from several people and they paid for a week in an extended stay hotel for Patrick and Franklin (not Fredrick – which is what Wilma has mistakenly called him several times!) It is so generous of you to offer a safe place and a potential job! I hope Wilma or Patrick get in touch with you. I’ll check with her to make sure she’s seen this. Wilma is an amazing person who has truly dedicated everything in her life to rescuing unwanted pets, helping the ones that others would have given up on, and finding them forever homes.

  17. Jana says:

    Wilma, I am so happy to see the attention this story has garnered! You are truly very special and I am glad I was able to participate in this story in a small way.

  18. Judi says:

    Some shelters here near Cleveland Ohio are starting to allow pets with the homeless stay together ?. My kids are always telling me Not to get involved, I can’t stop myself. There was a couple in the area a few days with their dog, and I try to carry a bag of dog food in my car as I always seem to find hungry animals; by giving this bag of food for their dog they could concentrate on getting a meal for themselves

    1. Wilma says:

      Me 2

  19. Wilma Garrett says:

    Hey this is Wilma. Mr K’s website is temporarily down. I think we’ve had too much traffic because of this story. Working on getting it back up. We appreciate everybody’s kind thoughts and donations for Patrick and Frederick (aka Franklin). Until we get the website back up, anyone wanting to donate can go to d0glady@netzero.net and go through pay pal. The 0 in dog is the number zero.

    1. Wilma Price Garrett says:

      Well I’m a little overwhelmed myself because I would want somebody to do the same for me and get my dog out of the pound. I really don’t think I did anything extra special and I’m letting everybody know the website is up and running I want to thank everybody for their kind words and Patrick and Franklin I keep calling him Frederick are awesome too

      1. Trevor Ruggles says:

        Thank you for your help, Wilma. Patrick’s a great friend of mine.

        1. Wilma says:

          That’s totally awesome

  20. Becky Porter WA says:

    Fantastic lady!!! Just nice to know their are caring human beings still out there!!! Also proves love is unconditional love is given & received by our furry friends!!! That is a beautiful story I pray they receive a break in life soon and that they stay together! Now if shelters would just give people a chance to work off the adoption costs of a animal instead of just putting furry friends that need someone to love down!

  21. DeAnn says:

    I’m not sure I would have believed the dog story. This restored my faith in humanity and reminded me to stop and take the time to care. His dog is his world. I am song lad his dog is okay. Blessings

  22. melinda klemas says:

    someone should contact this Wilma woman and see if she can (herself) try and set a fund page for him, hoping someone who is reading this knows who she is (Mr K’s Pet Shelter??)

    1. Lesley Van Biljon says:

      A fund has been set up for Patrick and Franklin, the website to donate is through Mr K’s Pet shelter and is listed above in one of the comments. Thanks for caring

    2. Wilma says:

      Mr. K’s was my first official rescue he came out of Kroger’s parking lot on Airline and Parker in the nineties in Houston Texas he has since passed many years ago it was in very bad shape barely alive thanks to mean and hateful people anyway I chose the name the shelter after him it’s mr. K’s halfway house for hounds and kitties too I am the founder and I still run it today that originated in my grooming shop in the Heights in the nineties spin a Non-Stop battle but I have never gave up on my animals they are my life they are why I get up in the morning I have and I have dedicated my whole life to the animals The Unwanted and the unloved

    3. Wilma says:

      Mr. K’s was my first official rescue he came out of Kroger’s parking lot on Airline and Parker in the nineties in Houston Texas he has since passed many years ago it was in very bad shape barely alive thanks to mean and hateful people anyway I chose the name the shelter after him it’s mr. K’s halfway house for hounds and kitties too I am the founder and I still run it today that originated in my grooming shop in the Heights in the nineties

  23. katherine esslemont says:

    How wonderful to hear a happy ending. There are too many evil doers on our planet and Im so thankful to hear of Earth angels.Thankyou

  24. Lisa Hurley says:

    I will pray for them both. They sure could use some prayers. I also want to thank Wilma for helping him get his dog back.

  25. Kimberly says:

    I’m so glad there together now ❤️I know how it is to be homeless and loose your animals?

  26. don linder says:

    has there been any type of fund set up?

    1. Anne says:

      I’d like the answer to that too

    2. Lesley Van Biljon says:

      Yes there has. Go to Mr K’s Pet Shelter. Thanks for caring

    3. Wilma says:

      Yes you can donate to him and Franklin directly to my webpage to GoFundMe saying that Lindsay setup was a scam so if you would like to help please share you can go to our website I’m homeless and I want to send this Market in the message what is for Patrick and Franklin http://mrkspetshelter.org

  27. Lynn Pinkstaff says:

    Wow, glad to see there are still good people out there! Prayers all around

  28. Joyce McCarty says:

    I will be keeping Patrick and Fred Frederick in our prayers. Bless Wilma for doing what she could, too many most likely looked the other way, after all it was “just a dog”. I wish them all the best.

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